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Maxin', Relaxin' And Eavesdroppin'

With the weather forecasters practically orgasming with glee, I decided to top up my Vitamin D by taking to the rather lovely Clissold Park.  I slathered on some SPF30, grabbed a book – Michael Chabon’s The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, my notebook, camera and my MP3 player. For the purposes of reclining, I brought along my […]

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The Splash Award

I met fellow blogger Ondo Lady from The Musings of Ondo Lady, at a Women’s Library event, where we discovered a shared Yoruba ancestry. So technically, beyond being Blog Sisters, I guess we’re kind of Internet Cousins, no? Anyway, I bring this up in an attempt to quell any would-be accusations of nepotism. Huh? Well, […]

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Miracle in Finsbury Park…

The late May Bank Holiday was a fairly chilled one – the surprising sunshine meant some time in the park, meeting and greeting friends and general vegging out. On Sunday evening, we – me, P and the radiant A – decided to hold one of our famous Board Game Nights (trademark pending), finally settling on […]

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Hair Today…

Black hair, in the manner of male model Hansel, is so hot right now. There’s Chris Rock’s documentary, Good Hair, in which the comedian tackles issues like ‘nappy’ (read coarse and thick) and ‘good’ (read soft coils) hair. Halle Berry will be shaving her head to star in Nappily Ever After, a title which will bewilder many […]

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Music To Make YorubaGirl Happy

It’s no secret that alongside my irrational passion for commercial and generally rubbish R’n’B, I love me some female singer-songwriters. Joni Mitchell, Tracey Chapman, Stevie Nicks, India.Arie and me; we go waaay back. To that end, I went to see Devon Sproule last week, at Shepherds Bush Empire. She was a lovely mix of supreme cuteness, charm and talent. Devon’s band included […]

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I saw this photo on Jezebel and just had to repost it here. How squee-worthy is this? Apparently, this kid (Put your guns down, Secret Service! He’s not just passing through – his parents work in the White House) wanted to see if Barack Obama’s haircut felt like his own. The Prez obliged him by […]

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Every once in a while, there are TV shows which perfectly capture the zeitgeist and become symbols, in future years, of where our collective heads were at at the time of transmission. Some end naturally (hello, The Office), some are cut down in their prime, (oh, Firefly) others seemingly ‘jump the shark’ before once more redeeming […]

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Bloody Summer

Just after I turned 15, I woke up completely blind. It turned out to be a symptom of advanced acute malaria and my sight was restored in a couple of hours. I’ll never forget the sheer panic and terror that assailed me when I realised I couldn’t see. More than a decade later, I woke up […]

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Cinema – The Final Frontier

On Monday night, I went to see Star Trek. I accessorised with my brother D1, and my sister, A. To this already heady mix, I added chocolate minstrels, milk bottle glasses – the better to observe with – and a Cheshire cat smile. Resisting the urge to (almost!) salute at my reflection, I left the house. […]

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I’m temping near Barbican at the moment, and have to walk through Smithfield to get to my office every morning. For those unaware, Smithfield is one of London’s oldest markets, and death place of Mel Gibson, I mean, William Wallace. Every cut of meat known to man is sold here (I’m reliably told), by fat, […]

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Love In A Posh Climate

I live in a curious spot in North London. It’s close enough to Highbury and Islington for chi-chi kudos, but I also get the gritty credentials that Hackney and Dalston afford, as they’re but a short bus ride away. It means depending on my mood, I could either be quaffing something fizzy on Upper Street […]

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Back to Black

Just under a year ago, there was a huge hoo-ha regarding Italian Vogue and it’s editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzani’s decision to feature only Black models in its July issue. They were all shot by superstar photographer, Stephen Meisel. In years to come, folks may remember it as the Great Black Model Debate of 2008. I prefer […]

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Remember The Time?

How do you measure time? I like to use the important events – births, deaths and marriages. For example, in a perfect illustration of the whole circle-of-life malarkey, on the day my grandmother died, my cousin was born. So I know, down to almost the exact hour, how long it’s been since I gained a […]

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Itchy Feet

Anyone else suffer from wanderlust from time to time? I’m currently in the throes of a bad case of the stuff. Sometimes, I get so carried away thinking of the places that I could be and my train of thought just vee… See?! It’s been almost two years since my last foreign holiday, when I […]

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Wedding Season

My sis A attended a Nigerian wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland a couple of weeks back, and she reported back to me just how excellent it had been. It ran like clockwork, she said. No drama, everything was just chilled and calm. The overall feeling upon hearing this was one of relief and no small dose […]

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