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Let It Go?

If a man gives a woman a compliment, and no-one analyses it, is it really just a compliment?

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On Being Single And Of Nigerian Descent

When I visited Nigeria recently, I was struck by a few things. For example, I saw that the church near my house that had laid its foundations some time in the 1990s was still uncompleted. I noticed how oppressive heat tends to stifle one’s appetite, and I also noticed that no-one tells you quite how […]

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Are Hoodies Impregnating Your Pensioners?

Oh Lord. I just had about 20 minutes of joyous, uncomplicated fun. Nah, not that kind of fun, but pretty damn close in terms of overall satisfaction and reaching for a post-event fag. It’s an oldie but a goodie; I just played the most awesome of all awesome things: The Daily Mail-o-matic. I was alerted to […]

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The Joy Of Lists

In the world of Nick Hornby, men are perpetually making lists. They list their career accomplishments and aspirations, their favourite music, their most shattering break ups, their greatest loves, the best poos they’ve ever done, ad infinitum. Good luck to them. I mean, I love High Fidelity, particularly the film adaptation, so good on yer. […]

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Images Of The Little Holiday That Could…

A picture tells a thousand words, right? Below are a few snapshots of my Nigerian holiday.

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YorubaGirl's Reunion

O hai! So you know I attended a high school reunion in July, right? Let me tell you of it. My evening started out bumpy – my driver had been a victim of one of Lagos’s famed ‘Last Chance’ gangs the night before. What they do is, they half-fill a regular looking public transport bus, […]

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Must Do Better. AKA Sorry I've Been A Bit Rubbish

Yeah, I know. I meant to write up a series of fabulously witty things once I returned to my little corner of north London, and instead, y’all have been forced to look at the same ol’ post for days now. These conditions are unbearable, I know. Some people have emailed to ask if I’ve been preoccupied […]

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"Does It Still Look Good?"

I got a weave while I was out in Lagos. I went to Make Me, a fairly swanky salon on Bode Thomas Street, in Surulere. If you don’t know Lagos, particularly in 90s Lagos, which is when we lived there, then that address will mean nothing to you. For many though, it conjures up images of […]

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All Aboard The Weepy Express!

To be completely and utterly fair, he started it. I wept like a baby when I parted with YorubaDad. It was surprising to me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a weeper anyway. I mean I’ll cry over a movie (the end of E.T. is a killer), a book, a song; I swear one time, an unexpected […]

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A Few Things That Have Happened

I have looked into the abyss that is Lagos, and by sheer determination, I haven’t run screaming into the night, headed for the airport. I like to think I have cojones. I know, I know, I’m hardly in Guantanamo Bay, but you know what, I’m speaking relatively here. Allow me artistic license. So I’m in […]

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Yeah, I'm Still Here…

“I think I got the Black Lung, Pop”. [Insert pathetic Zoolander-esque cough here]. I have been in no less than 10 hours of congestion since I arrived on Tuesday morning. That’s a lot of pollution for my rarefied lungs to take. While there’s an MOT/road worthiness system in operation, it’s safe to say that it’s […]

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