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Wanted: Preferably Alive

You know how on Amazon there’s a wishlist facility, so that friends and family can get you exactly what you want without having to resort to asking you directly? I’m recreating that here, only rather than list the recommended retail price and retail outlets thats tock them, I’ll explain why I want them. I find […]

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YorubaDad Returns

I’ve been in a bit of a slump for the past few weeks; perhaps it’s the onset of autumn, or maybe I’m just getting more maudlin with age. Either way, I’ve lost my sunny edge and have been a bit of a Debbie Downer… Thankfully, being down means there’s a capacity to get up. This […]

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Black Fridays: Black History Month

Oh, Happy Day! Welcome, children. Welcome to Friday, and by extension, to that weekly phenomenon, Black Fridays – cos the week ain’t Black enough! That tagline is being altered for one week only, because folks, it’s BLACK HISTORY MONTH! So technically, it’s “cos the rest of the year ain’t Black enough!” and I am very […]

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Unveiling Black Fridays: A New Friday Feature

Happy Friday, everyone! It seems like everyone has a new and exciting Friday Feature – the granddaddy of the microblogs, Twitter – follow me, validate me! – is doing it on a global scale with more than half of its top trending topics on a Friday being established Friday Features. In that vein, I too will […]

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What'd You Call it, Urban?

Last week, my Internet connection died a horrible, surprising and very swift death. Inconvenienced and irritated, I called up my service provider, Virgin Media, to have a go. After meandering through the phone maze for a while, I finally got through to the fault line (ha!). I was given the option of choosing my hold music; even […]

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Baby, It's You

I spent the weekend in Bournemouth, a seaside town I lazed many a sunny afternoon in, back when I attended the esteemed media school at the university. I was staying with two great friends, MamaS, PapaL and their daughter, BabyE. It was E’s first birthday, that magical day nobody ever remembers though woe betide any […]

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Jus' Like Ridin' A Bike

Can I get a round of applause, sil vous plait? Yeah, I said it. Put your hands together, if you please, for me. Why? Because I finally, finally learned to ride a bike. Well, duh.

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…in Superdrug in Angel, north London between a truculent toddler and his frazzled-but-smiling mum. “Why? Why do we have to join the queue? WHY?!” “Because we’re British. It’s what we do, James.” Quite right.

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Reasons to Love Wikipedia

Last weekend, I went to see (500) Days of Summer at the cinema with my good friend J (who’s moving to my neighbourhood soon – yay!). The reasons were many-fold. I’d heard much of this new movie; Jezebel reviewed it in its inimitable style, I like the Deschanel family performers – Emily co-stars alongside ex-TV vampire […]

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