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From Naija With Love

I was all done for the year, I swear. Then this fool gets all up in my grill, with his seasonal humdinger of a news story. Dammit, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, you just couldn’t be cool! You just had to attempt a terrorist act on a plane from Amsterdam to Detroit. You just had to have ‘links […]

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The YorubaGirl Annual – 2009

It can’t have escaped your notice that 2009 is drawing to a close, and with all this ice and snow, it seems to be doing so with a bit of a bang. Which is only appropriate, as this is the year I started this here blog, and despite the many chances for it to go awry, I’m […]

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Why I Love… Mascara

My mother had an amazing selection of what, with hindsight, was really rather superb maquillage. Pots and potions and tubes of colour, all expertly applied by my mother’s steady hand. Some women love makeup. They start their careers as little girls in the makeup bag and never really crawl out of it ever again. Little girls weren’t necessarily […]

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YorubaSis – A Birthday Tribute

Apparently, my big sister wanted me to be a boy. She enquired with her two-and-half year old lisp, “When can I thee my baby bwuther?” over and over until she and my dad were brought through to gaze upon my bad-tempered newborn face. There is no family story that details her subsequent disappointment at my gender. […]

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It's A Man's World*

I can’t be the only woman/writer/blogger/internet user/feminist who read the story of James Chartrand this week and then commenced a lengthy – but ultimately unsatisfying - headdesk session, right? For those still in the dark, James is the owner of Mens with Pens, a successful company founded in 2006, which provides web design and copywriting services, amongst […]

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"She's Sensible. He Just Loves Fame."

Overheard on a train to Ilford, between two ladies of a certain vintage. “Whatever happened to Richard and Judy?” “Well, Judy’s writing a book, ain’t she? Cos she’s sensible. But that Richard” – shakes head – “he just loves fame. Their daughter, too.” Uttered as fact, and lapped up by a shamelessly eavesdropping YorubaGirl.

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Why I Love… Socks

Of all the exciting things I could be declaring my love for – unicorns! Fire! KNIVES! – I have chosen socks. Comfy, boring, ideal-Christmas-present-for-the-near-dead and completely useful socks. I am probably the only person I know who loves receiving socks for her birthday. I stand by my decision though, because even boring items of clothing […]

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Tiny Venues & Interesting Loos

It’s very easy to bash the great city of London. To be fair, there’s quite a lot to bash if you’re that way inclined – it can be dirty, smelly, expensive and sometimes, it’s so far up its own trendy backside, you can actually taste pavement. Occasionally though, you go out, you have a great night, […]

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Why I Love… Christmas Telly

For many, Christmas is exemplified by the consumption of alcohol before noon. People roll out of bed and keep on rolling straight into the booze cabinet – Champagne, Port, Brandy, Gin, hold the tonic – emerging only to leisurely swallow their own weight in meat and vegetables, before resuming the imbibing or yet more alcoholic […]

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Lynda Bellingham, known to my generation primarily as the Oxo Mum, but now a regular on Loose Women and a Strictly Come Dancing contestant, is a bit of an unlikely role model for me. I’ll tell you why. While interviewing someone on the aforementioned – and by the by, utterly atrocious – Loose Women, she delivered […]

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The Texan Cowboy Billionaire's Secret Love Child. Or Something.

Oh, the shame! The hot, searing, secret shame! I love something that I really, really shouldn’t. Ready?  *Deep Breath* I love Mills and Boon books. I luuurve them. I love them like Penelope loves Odysseus. I love them like bees love pollen. I love them like Ross loves Rachel. I love them like a fat kid loves cake. […]

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All Singin', All Dancin'

Many years ago, my sister took me along to a comedy showcase at one of the most fantastic, diverse and yet criminally underrated theatres in London, Theatre Royal Stratford East [Gerry Raffles Square, E15]. That evening, we sat in the packed audience, enjoying the comedic talents of Geoff Schumann, Curtis Walker and I think a young(er) Richard […]

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Check Me Out!

I’ve been a bit quiet recently, and for those of you who enjoy reading my posts, I imagine it’s been an annoyance. Unfortunately, this silence will probably continue for the forseeable future, and this is down to two separate issues. One, I’m working on a freelance job till Christmas Eve. It means I can afford to pay […]

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