Cath & Me

This week, I have mostly been smelling fragrantly of jasmine & vanilla, as well as being in possession of the snuggest, warmest fingers in London. How? Well, remember my recent birthday? Well my friend KD of Glorious South London™ gifted me with some vouchers; but not just any vouchers, oh no. Gift vouchers from Cath Kidston! Unfamiliar with her work? I […]

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Kicking Ass, Taking Name(s). And Number.

Woohoo! 110%! Burn baby, BURN! What? Sorry, I can’t hear you over the glorious rush of technicolour endorphins I’m experiencing! I’ve got a shine, and I’m feelin’ fine! I’m well and feelin’ swell! I’m ace and I’ve got a face! That last one didn’t make any sense, but you know what? It doesn’t matter. Because I […]

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Clueless & Cupcakes

The recent demise of Hollywood actress Brittany Murphy left many people shocked and sympathetic. It also had them reaching for their Clueless DVDs, by far the pinnacle (for me, at least) of Ms Murphy’s all too brief cinematic career. This weekend, we paid homage to the shining light that was Brittany, by watching Clueless as […]

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It's Funny Cos It's (Probably) True

Last week, I mentioned that my current temp job allows me to listen to the radio as I work. I tend to favour comedy and music shows in my earphones, which often results in smothered giggles and untoward snorts. The fabulous BBC iPlayer - which along with anything Sir David Attenborough presents is worth my license fee – […]

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Time For A Younger Brother…

Growing up with a Yoruba Nigerian mother means I’ve been privy to a great number of awesome axioms, mad metaphors and splendid sayings. There are a few greats – I was startled when I first heard someone say: “The thing that killed your brother is warning you” a not-so-veiled plea to someone to curb their excesses. For […]

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Lyrics For The Scorned

The office where I’m temping at is pretty cool considering that it’s another manifestation of you know, The Man Inc.. While the work isn’t the most stimulating I’ve ever done (no offence to the HR specialists, but it is HR), it’s diverting enough. The team I work with is lovely and best of all, I get to […]

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Back To Black

I like to keep an eye on the US. Like it or not, a lot of our cultural cues are taken from either its actions, or the consequences of its actions. While we may not like it, exactly, it is what it is. As such, I follow a load of Americans on Twitter, read a […]

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The 'Special' Relationship

I was home from work yesterday, thanks to the overzealous actions of a dicky tummy. The blanket of snow outside did not exactly inspire a stiff upper lip either, so there I was, hot water bottle clutched to my belly and BBC News on the the idiot box. Predictably, the news channels were all in […]

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Quizzee Rascals

Quizz Akabussi. Quiztina Aguilera. Quzzimodo. Let’s Get Quizzical. All awful, awful puns that represent that bastion of ‘Englishness’, the Pub Quiz Team Name. By the way, that last one, that homage to a be-spandexed and weighed-down-by-layers-of-shiny-lycra Olivia Newton-John and her mid ’80s hit, Physical, that one has been ours for many a quiz night. We mean to […]

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Welcome to 2010, everyone. I’m sitting on the couch in my living room, the end theme of Doctor Who fading away (The Doctor Is Dead. Long Live The Doctor!), a hot water bottle clutched to my chest, socks pulled up to my knees. It doesn’t feel like the most auspicious of starts to a new decade, […]

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