The Great Cape Caper of Early 2010

Remember when I acquired a couple of capes at the recent Angels Costumiers sale? I’m so fashion-forward, sometimes, I astound myself. Look here and here, Stella McCartney wore one only a few weeks ago - capes are all the rage for A/W 2010. Yeah, I wore one to work recently. I felt like I was on America’s […]

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Black Fridays: Oh, John Mayer

Ach. It takes a mighty man to bring the Black Friday feature (Tagline: “Cos the rest of the week ain’t Black enough!”) out of premature retirement. It takes a special man to leapfrog the bureaucracy and make Black Friday happen on a Thursday…But kudos, John Mayer. You did it. You managed to shake off the state […]

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In Which YorubaGirl Flies With Angels

My sainted mother, YorubaMum, is a hardcore bargain hunter. You know what I mean; like John Lewis, she too has a slogan: Never knowingly overpaid. One of the recurring memories of my child- and teen-hood involves her returning from some sale somewhere and asking YorubaDad to “go on, guess how much it cost? Go on, guess!” Poor YorubaDad […]

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Why I Love… Dresses

Like many children of the 80s and 90s, I grew up in hardy denim and flannel, saving dresses (usually in too-warm velvet, rustly tafetta and itchy chiffon) for family weddings, birthdays, engagements, naming ceremonies, pretty much any gathering of more than 4 people… (ah, Nigerians!). So of course, I hated dresses, and all that they stood […]

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Dramatic Lifting

You know how certain storytelling devices make their way into your favorite books, films, advertisements and let’s face it, daydreams? You know what I’m talking about? Let’s see; the strangers on the train/romance of the railways scenario seen in Brief Encounter, Before Sunrise and that too beautiful for words Chanel No 5 ad with Audrey Tatou? […]

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