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The A-Z of Awesomeness

Found these via @johnwarrender, as featured on The Telegraph website. Apparently, I’m well tardy to this particular party. Anyway, they’re the work of  Neill Cameron, a writer and artist who specialises in manga and comic book-influenced art. You can see his website here, and check him out on Twitter. Cameron did 26 drawings over 26 days – […]

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We Got Our Own

A few things that have caught my ear/eye this past couple of weeks. A report in America, by the Insight Center for Community Economic Development, found that the median wealth of single black women amounts to just $5, even in the prime of their working years. This is compared to $42,600 for single white women. I listened […]

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British Summertime

We took the Great Leap Forward overnight yesterday, and we are now officially in British Summertime. Personally, I resent the loss of one hour’s sleep – my insomnia cheats me of extra time with The Sandman already. Having said that, it’s a joy to look out the window at 7pm and see it’s still light. […]

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The (Imagined?) Politics of The R&B Music Video

Please excuse the incoherence that’s about to unfold. So there I was in the gym yesterday, running 10 kilometres (WOO!) to nowhere, when the new Timberlake and Timbaland video came on. Accordingly, and with the appropriate amount of consideration behind it, here are a few rambling thoughts on R&B videos. (FYI, I’m including all mainstream ‘Black’ […]

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YorubaGirl: Enabling Procrastination Since 1982

It’s no secret that I enjoy the internet in all its spread-eagled, tawdry splendour. It is also no secret that when given the choice to pick between a looming deadline and staring at thought-provoking, beautiful, amateur music videos on YouTube on the internet, I will pick HoverCat every damn time. I like to think my superhero […]

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Why I Love… Something New

I’m just a landscaper. I take hard earth, and make things bloom. The internet is a miraculous thing. But I’m grateful that while theoretically you could see me as I type this – what with the magic of webcams – I still hold some power, by refusing to hook it up. Because as I typed those twelve […]

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Finding Neverland

Hark! Gather ye round, children. For it is that time again, just like the previous time, and just like the time before that. I have been lovingly collating this information since the last time, and now, we shall dive, headfirst and fully clothed, into the shallow pool of search terms that have brought the teeming masses […]

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Get Shorty

“I looked all through my mind for memories of you. Unable to find any, I had to take your word for it that you were my father.” – Sean Hill (via @VeryShortStory), March 2, 2010 I only recently discovered the very cool Twitter feed of Very Short Story (@VeryShortStory), written by Sean Hill, an American writer based in […]

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In Which YorubaGirl Goes Charity Double Dating*

*It’s not nearly as sad as it sounds. The date itself is not the ‘charity’ bit. Honest. Last Friday night, I womanfully stepped into the breach for my friend, A. Remember her? She was the one with the dis- and re-appearing bike, back in August 2009. Anyway, A, in conjunction with three other friends, conceived […]

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Spring Fling: Now Accepting Applications

You’ve all noticed that the sun has come out to play, right*? Well sod it, so have I. Last Friday, I went on a charity double date – Wait, what? Next post, I promise – and since then, I have been thinking… ”Yeah, I could do this. Moreover, I would enjoy doing this… Screw it, I’m […]

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Why I Love… Nail Varnish

In terms of familial resemblance, I am firmly and irrevocably aligned to my father’s family. It’s in my complexion – dark - and in the slant of my eyes, and in the more earthy elements of my features. There are some things, however, that come strictly from my mother’s lineage – I am long of limb, despite being […]

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The Women Are Coming…

Hey. Hi. Welcome to March. How you doin’? Settled? Great. Let’s talk WOMEN.

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