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Fandom ≠ ‘Sadness’

Today’s post will take the format of a Public Service Announcement. Allow me to re-introduce myself: My name is Bim — B to the I-M. And I’m a Fan [sorry, no more pseudo-rapping from me, promise]. There’s been a lot of hoopla over a couple of broadcasting events. The final ever episode of Lost was aired […]

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Good Hair at The Ritzy: Part I

The Ritzy Cinema in Brixton has been enjoying some Hollywood star power recently. Last Friday night, it hosted the premiere of Tyler Perry (sigh)’s movie, Why Did I Get Married Too, with the director and one of the stars, Janet Jackson, in attendance. Imagine – a red carpet in Brixton! Anyway, last night I went to the […]

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Between 2001 and 2005-ish, I was kinda addicted to Alias. You know the one, created by JJ Abrams, co-creator of Lost and director of Star Trek and MI:III and starring Jennifer Garner in a series of improbable wigs and even less convincing accents. It also starred a superbly slimy Ron Rifkin, a steely Victor Garber and an […]

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FOTC – So Hot They’re Making Me Sexist

Continuing the theme of May i.e. The Month of Lovely Things on Yoruba Girl Dancing, I did a lovely thing on Monday night. I went to see one of my favourite bands in the whole world, Flight of the Conchords, live in concert for the first time. I love them. I know people say that all […]

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The Month of Lovely Things

When I got published in the Guardian at the beginning of this month, I unofficially christened this May as The Month of Lovely Things. As such, I hope to document all the lovely things that I am engaged in this month, as well leaving out the truly crappy things. Let’s begin with last weekend, when […]

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Srsly, U Guys? SRSLY?

I can’t believe someone got paid actual legal tender, i.e. money – and not, you know, potatoes – for this piece I spotted over on Yahoo! earlier today. When I saw the title – 10 surprising signs that they’re interested - my left eye began to twitch; a sign akin to Peter Parker’s spidey senses tingling. By the time I’d finished […]

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Unthinkable – Alicia Keys As Styled By Someone Who Likes Her

This song, Unthinkable, by Alicia Keys is giving me life right now. On an album filled with dreck, it stood out from the get go – soulful, with a classic ‘Slow Jam’ beat and keening vocals. Anyway, she finally dropped a video last night, which I slavishly played three times in a row. I kinda love […]

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Unlocking The Sugar Code

It seems fitting that in the week David Cameron swept into 10 Downing Street, I discovered my sweet tooth. It’s been dormant since birth – I never had the common childhood fondness for sugar, never crunched sugar cubes (*shudder*) like my cousin T. Somehow, the looming spectre of the first Tory Prime Minister of my voting […]

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Uh Oh

Oh, man. Gordon Brown resigns, Nick Clegg goes with the Conservatives, Britain is momentarily without a Prime Minister. David Cameron is our new Prime Minister, Nick Clegg is Deputy Prime Minister. In other news, David Miliband remains strangely hot. Let’s just scratch that last post I wrote a few days ago. Ain’t nothin’ ‘possible’ about […]

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Our Possible New Chinless Overlords

      As of Thursday night, it felt like the bad news wouldn’t stop coming. I tried to distract myself at 10 o’ clock, knowing that the results of the exit polls would not be good. Thankfully, I was occupied by unexpected work [a freelancer's dream!] and my impending deadline gave me enough food for thought. When that finished, I sought refuge on […]

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Identity Politics

This post is coming out on the day we Brits will be going to the polls for the general and local elections. 2010′s election campaign is one that we’ll not soon forget, I think. The live debates, the emergence of the Liberal Democrats as a viable ‘top 2′ party, bigotgate, the scary waxiness of Mr Cameron… […]

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Modesty Be Damned!

I love being a writer. It’s the job I’ve always wanted to do, even though it didn’t quite crystallise as a career choice till I was 17 and my sister told me I looked ‘right’ tapping at a typewriter. Since then, I have been lucky enough to write for a number of publications, both online and […]

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