Total Mirandas

Last weekend, I attended a bachelorette party for my friend, L. No, I haven’t lost my head up my own arse, I say ‘bachelorette’ because she’s American and besides, have you ever heard an American say ‘hen party’? Anyway, we went the classy route – retro bowling in Bloomsbury [All Star Lanes - Victoria House, Bloomsbury Place, […]

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Die, Pollen. DIE.

I’ve been averaging around four hours sleep a night in recent weeks. I have not shacked up with a swarthy chap who likes to you know, do it. I have not discovered a hitherto hidden gift for cat burgling. I have not taken up stargazing as a hobby. I am not insane, nor am I […]

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How Does Your Bookshelf Stack Up/Break Down?

I recently finished Stranger In A Strange Land, a collection of Gary Younge’s journalism in his role as the Guardian‘s New York correspondent; I can’t recommend it highly enough. Each piece is perfectly pitched – he’s a very fluent writer, and his convictions bleed through everything he writes. I love the way he writes; his […]

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Immortal Dads

In honour of Father’s Day (So I’m a bit late. Shut up), I got to thinking of the best TV dads out there. Luckily, my dad is amazing. He’s kind, smart, funny and supportive, even when he doesn’t fully agree with whatever the hell I’m doing. I’m not saying he’s flawless – cos he sure as spit […]

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Football For All

I am a feminist; I imagine I have been one all my life, even when I lacked the vocabulary to articulate it. I am also a pretty heavy consumer of popular culture – telly, radio, magazines, t’internet, advertising, movies, music, books and every sub-genre in between - so I’ve been witness to every form of ignorance, […]

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Eating My Feelings

On Monday night, filled with angst from the 9-5, I came home in a huff, and fell into the welcoming arms of food. If I could not resolve that which plagued me in the workplace, I would seek refuge in the cracking of eggs, in the mashing of banana, the sieving of flour and the fiery heat […]

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Night At The Museum

A couple of nights ago, I attended a debate at the British Museum entitled Nigeria: Africa’s Superpower? I was there in a journalistic capacity – you can see the fruits of my labour here. Beforehand, I got to wander through the Kingdom of Ife exhibition, which has been hailed as a sensation, exceptional, unmissable and indeed, […]

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It Ain’t My Fault

Seriously, someone needs to tell Mos Def that I’m tired of waiting for him to come sweep me off my feet. His presence is only half the reason why I can’t stop playing this video, found via HarlemLoves. The music – a reworked version of New Orleans jazz legend Smokey Johnson’s song It Ain’t My Fault - also features Lenny […]

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Why I Love… Timothy Olyphant

According to, Timothy Olyphant’s nickname is Olafantastic. It makes no difference if this is true or false; it’s pretty much how I think of him. But you know, I really hope it is true; his acting work is always sterling, regardless - or perhaps even in spite of - the accompanying crapness of the vehicle. The man is […]

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