Settling In

Apologies for the recent silence. As I explained last Friday, I moved house on Saturday. The following day I collapsed, exhausted, in between bouts of frantic floor scrubbing, intensive clothes folding and manic hoovering. On Sunday evening, delirious with tiredness, I had myself a little self-pitying cry. I ache from the tips of my hair to my little toes. I am in need of a vigorous sports massage by a large man with large, calloused hands. But I finally live in my flat. Whoop!

On Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, I was in homeware heaven, lovingly browsing John Lewis, Marks and Spencer and um, Primark and Wilkinson. The problem with feathering one’s nest is how easily one might slip into the danger zone of over-spending on pretty, ultimately useless things. Thankfully, my sister and my friend Jem were there to rein me in. Both are advocates of lists, so I didn’t get carried away. Still, I own a shocking pink porcelain bird with a white feather tail. She sits on my inherited house plant, looking camp and serene. See?

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings: Because she's a soprano...

My wardrobe space has taken a serious beating – I estimate I have a third of what I used to have. As such, my inner Craft Queen has risen to the challenge admirably. Using old archive boxes as mini-wardrobes is so hot right now. To disguise their humble origins, I have turned to that most effective of money-guzzling shops, Paperchase, and bought some fancy damask-effect wrapping paper. Look! (Thanks to Gherkingirl for the fabulous tip)

In makeover terms, this has gone from 'Drab' to 'Fab!' (Unclench, the lid's getting done too)

So in summary, I’m settling in nicely. :-)

I am hobbled by a lack of Internet access, but I’m working on getting connected and blogging should resume with some sort of regularity as soon as possible.

PS: Don’t forget to vote for me at the Black Weblog Awards in the category of Best International Blog. Honestly? I deserve it.


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  1. I’m moving at the moment. I hate it. How did carpets get this dirty? Why won’t this magical spray just remove everything like it does in the adverts?

    Why am I so good at typing about it on the internet instead of actually packing things?

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