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Quote of the Day

“I am reluctant to confirm any suspicion that I am a knuckle-dragging, white, male, heterosexual, racist, middle-class, middle-aged, cosmopolitan retard, but the thing about Naomi Campbell is sex. Campbell has a feral air: she excites prehistoric fears in our reptilian back brains. Her amusing history of violence enhances the sense of danger which underwrites speculative […]

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Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in London

On Wednesday night, I put on a pretty frock and shiny shoes and made my way to Sadler’s Wells, a venue which if it isn’t the home of dance, is at least a favourite hangout of it. I love Sadler’s Wells – it’s so warm and welcoming. And it was especially welcoming this week; I […]

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Just Wright

Carrying on with the Week Of Brown People Entertainment™… d’you remember when I wrote (all the way back in April) about black romcom queens? Remember, it got into The Guardian? Well, on Tuesday evening, I went to see Just Wright, the movie I wrote about in that post. It made it across the atlantic only five months late! We’re […]

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A Disappearing Number

This week on YGD appears to have unofficially been christened the week of Brown People Entertainment™. I have awesome friends, and so it’s no surprise that a ticket for a terrific play, A Disappearing Number, came into my possession at the weekend. On Monday night, I headed to the Novello Theatre and watched a truly beautiful play […]

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The Friday Pretty: Silver Foxes

The old Girl Scout song has the lyrics as: “Make new friends/but keep the old, One is silver/the other is gold.” Here at TFP, we try not to be prejudiced against any precious metals, so we’re going to make a bold statement. Silver is JUST AS GOOD as gold. Maybe even better. I know, controversial. […]

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Ageing and Death: Decline Is Inevitable

Last weekend, I went to Bournemouth for the birthday of one of my best friends in the world. In a couple of years, I’ll have known her for ten years, which is when we first went to university together. It also means that we’re both fast approaching thirty. Egads.

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The Friday Pretty: Best Of British

I beg your forgiveness, readers. Last week, in the throes of a ridiculously busy Friday, I realised my error – I did not post a Friday Pretty! Thankfully, you guys aren’t backwards in coming forwards and a few hurt, upset and frankly bewildered emails came through. Please feel free to blame Virgin Media, who reneged […]

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An Open Letter To Black Magazines That Keep Folding In the UK

Dear Black Magazine That Keeps Folding In the UK, I see you, usually through a shop window. More often than not, you’re in WH Smith. I blink. I’ve seen you before; perhaps the last time there was a different woman on you, or maybe you wore a different outfit. Whatever it is, I know it’s […]

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Coconut Cupcake Crazy!

Last weekend saw the last Bank Holiday Weekend of the year till Christmastime. Allow that to sink in, won’t you? That’s it, basically. Unless you have some allocated holiday time still unused, all you traditionally employed people are looking at about 14 weeks of non-stop work, save the occasional cheeky duvet day most of us […]

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