The Friday Pretty: Hipsters

A short one for you all today, soz. Like last week, I struggled for a theme. But then an article about hating hipsters made me think; in the middle of all this loose hate, surely there must be some hipsters we like? Personally, though I mock mercilessly, I’m all for hipsters. They’re having fun with their clothes, their hair, their music, their lives – why the hell not? Sure, a lot of it comes off as wanky and a bit irritating, but hey, one life and all that… Besides, who else would live in Shoreditch and ex-council flats in Hackney? Precisely. Anyway. Here you are, some crush-worthy hipsters for your delectation. Happy Friday!

I couldn’t watch Arrested Development for years, because of Michael Cera’s utterly brillaintly cringeworthy performance. Now, he’s all Scott Pilgrim and shit:

Look at that stupid retro camera...

Next, a man with a fabulous name, from a band that has co-opted Afrobeat and managed not to make it sucky. It’s Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend:

Not enough musicians have Old Testament names...

Jaosn Schwartzman has been making me chuckle with his brilliant ad for the New Yorker iPad app. His mother is famously Adriaaaaan Balboa from Rocky and as is the wont of hipsters, he was also in a band, but don’t let that put you off:

Look at his soulful hipster eyes

Last this week is Lightspeed Champion AKA Dev Hynes. He is a man who never met a hipster cliché he didn’t like and instantly adopt. I watched him on Never Mind the Buzzcocks a while back and was expecting a real twat. Instead, he was delightful – funny, self-deprecating and normal. [He’s probably a dick in real life, then. ;-)]

Silly ironic hair: Check. Ironic styling: Check. Tiny ironic uke: Check please!

Moral of the Day: not every hipster is Nathan Barley. Some of them are like, human. Who knew?

Happy Friday, pervos and pervettes!


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  1. A frillion years ago, I had a colleague-friend who was an good friend of Dev’s, around the time that his first band was explodingly popular and I met him a few times and he was a really nice guy.

    I don’t fancy him though. No boys who spend more time on their hair than I do. (Come on, the ‘just-got-out-of-bed’ look takes hours! Regardless of hair-type or gender!)

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