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2010: Don’t Look Back In Anger…

2010 is almost at an end, so let’s take stock, eh? A summary of a year in the life of Yoruba Girl Dancing [It's link-heavy, I warn you]: In January, I got interested in code-switching, enjoyed Clueless and Cupcakes and expounded on the joys of pub quizzes. February saw me get trapped in a lift […]

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The Friday Pretty: A Year In Hotness

My friends, my comrades, my Army of Pervs! It’s the last The Friday Pretty of the year 2010. We’ve been through it all this year, haven’t we? The Friday Pretty launched at the end of July with no fanfare, just honest-to-goodness hotness (as well as an erudite Ralph Ellison quote, thank you very much). And […]

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You Better Call Tyrone…

I just read a sequence of tweets which had me crying with laughter. They came from the feed of @BabylonSista, who you should follow if you’re on Twitter. Enjoy: So, my little sister was about 4 yrs old & just getting into Xmas. She was being rowdy & Dad told her to calm down or […]

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The Populist

Around this time last year, I noticed that Love Actually, aka Notting Hill With Added Black People! was a trending topic on Twitter. I’d seen that it was showing on ITV1 that evening, so of course, I clicked the hashtag to see what people were saying about it. Somehow this innocuous little movie manages to divide people as if it […]

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The Friday Pretty: Fragrance Ad Guys

Yeah, you read that title right, bishes. Thanks to the lovely Shabana who suggested this over on the Yoruba Girl Dancing Facebook page (which you should totes ‘Like’ if you’re on FB). Uh huh, for The Friday Pretty this week, we’re suckling at the teat of the evil corporate menace. And we’re doing it quite […]

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More Wishing, More Hoping

Given the pleasing success of the first gift wishlist I posted last week, and the fact that we’re now less than 3 weeks from Christmas Day, I thought I’d post some more options for you all. This one’s more of a mixed bag, but they’re all things I’ve seen, liked and coveted for myself. Chances […]

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Pretty Is As Pretty Does

As seems to be the custom nowadays, I find myself watching telly with Twitter by my side. Last Wednesday, I settled in to watch Ugly Betty – which totes re-hit its stride just as they cancelled it – and watched as Betty met and eventually dated a very handsome playwright, Zachary Boule (Aaron Tveit). After […]

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The Friday Pretty: Crushes Of The Week

Hola, babies! It’s Friday and it’s time to get your perv on. I feel we’re all extra deserving of the hawtness this week, as  we’ve been battling through some truly shiteous weather for the last week. The only place I like ice is in my drinks, but nature has seen fit to put that ish […]

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Badass Women: Claudette Colvin & Rosa Parks

Today, 55 years ago, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. It was an incident that would spark one of the biggest and most well-known chapters in the Civil Rghts Movement. The resulting bus boycott gave us several of the  iconic images of the CRM and Rosa Parks […]

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Friends of Exes: Would You? Could You?

A couple of days ago on Twitter, I clicked a link which took me to the Daily Mail site – boo! hiss! – and specifically a ‘showbiz’ story about professional Pretty Person™ Kelly Brook and her newest beau (only the Mail uses the word ‘beau’, much like The Sun uses ‘love rat’). This guy’s name’s […]

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