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The Friday Pretty: An Illustrated Apology

MY APOLOGIES. Work has been mad busy. And I have been neglectful of your Friday Pretty needs. I AM SO SORRY, YOU GUYS. But I aim to make up for it with this week’s selection. I hope it will make you happy, and thusly high on life and the visions of loveliness, you will forgive […]

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The YGD Book Club: Something Borrowed

Last week’s post about the new YGD Book Club was greeted with a good number of comments and emails – you guys want this! I’m so pleased. And so, this is the first proper Book Club post. Are you excited? I am! The book I’ve chosen for the inaugural book club came out in 2004, […]

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The Electrician Always Buzzes Twice

Perception is a powerful thing. What we see, and what we think when we look are inextricably linked in the dark and murky recesses of our brains. I was thinking of this last Thursday afternoon, after the fire alarm in my building went off.

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Introducing… The YGD Book Club!

Hello, everyone! Do you like books? Do you enjoy licking your finger to turn the pages and smelling the paper and breaking the spine? Do you skip to the end or do you like to savour every word, perhaps a little notebook by your side so you can take notes? Do you like to talk […]

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Cokes and Fantas

Last week, someone retweeted some ridiculousness into my Twitter feed. No need for me to set it up, take a look at the nonsense: THIS CAN’T BE LIFE.

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Please Help Save ACLT

The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) is in trouble. You can read all about them and the work that they do here, but what is even more important is that you help if you can. You can do so in a number of ways, but the easiest methods are to: Text ‘ACLT’ to 70300 to […]

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The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Last week, I clicked a link on The Hairpin, which led me to a 1,000-man survey from the American magazine, Glamour (except they called it the ‘Extra-Hot, Extra-Juicy Guy Survey, obvs). So I went through the 50-page slideshow, stopping and extracting the most interesting answers to me. Below is a small selection of those:

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No doubt you’re a little bit fatigued by the demands I’ve made on your ears and eyes in recent times. Apologies, but there’s more. I was interviewed for The World Today on the BBC World Service (yeah, baby!) last Wednesday following my piece about Nigeria being the happiest place in the world. You can, if […]

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Black Fridays: What’s Race Got To Do With It?

I read a fantastic piece on Jezebel several months back, written by Danielle Belton of The Black Snob. The article was about the tiers of commercial celebrity gossip which exist within mainstream media. Citing the then-recent Alicia Keys/Swizz Beats nuptials, Belton explained why the mainstream media did not mention the controversy surrounding their union – […]

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Another plug…

Excuse the giant French horn I’m tooting, but I wrote a thing for The Guardian about Nigeria being the most optimistic place on earth. No, seriously. You can read it here, chums.

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On Being A Bit Poor…

For all the things that life can be, what it ultimately is, is relative. Whatever you are and whatever you have can only be measured by what somebody else is, what somebody else has. So, if you have £100 in your pocket, there’s somebody out there with £101, and there’s another with £99. Your position […]

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New Year, New You Same Old You, But With Better PR

January brings – along with the bad weather – ridiculous and inherently human optimism. We join the gym in droves, we buy expensive kit to work out with/in. We buy books promising to lead us onto a new path of plenty, less stress and enchanted love. We swear off booze, fags, drugs and cheese. We […]

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