Um, plug?

Morning, all. Last Sunday I was invited into the hallowed halls of Radio 4, to do the newspaper review on Broadcasting House. I was so excited, a little wee may’ve come out. Ahem. I had a lovely time, the other guests – former head of the Arts Council, Sir Christopher Frayling and hynotist and author […]

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And The Winner Is…

When I was 17, I entered a competition in Ms London magazine, one of those surprisingly good (it had writers like Karen Krizanovich) free magazines that used to be given out on the London Underground many moons ago. It was a promotional tie-in to the cinematic release of An Ideal Husband – a chance to […]

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The Friday Pretty: Crushes Of The Week

Hi, kids. How has your week been? Horribly cold? Weather wretched? Yes, me too. Which is why we’re all grateful that it’s Friday, amirite? Yes, yes – it’s that time of the week when we allow ourselves to indulge in fantasies of the weekend to come. Fantasies may vary, but they’ll usually involve booze, big […]

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All’s Fair In Love and Internships

Last night, I caught Who Gets The Best Jobs? on BBC2. The epg on my cheapo Freeview box gave the following synopsis: “Richard Bilton investigates how class continues to restrict access to professions and well-paid careers to a small exclusive pool of the well-connected in modern Britain.” I couldn’t not watch this.

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Why I Love… Candles

Among the many shimmering stars – yoghurt, crispbreads/rice cakes, Special K – of the GirlPlanet™ firmament, candles are right up there as a cultural signifier of girlieness. No, don’t deny it. I have done the (completely unscientific) research: all my girl friends have candles. All of them. Some are used as fancy air fresheners in […]

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