Why I Love… To-Do Lists

Over time, I have evolved – no, regressed – into the disorganised slattern I am today. Family stories have me, aged 4, tutting and calmly replacing ornaments on the mantle as my pregnant-and-in-labour mother threw things in the oblivious pain of her contractions. I was the master organiser, tongue between teeth in concentration, finding a […]

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The YGD Book Club: The Namesake

Last month’s book (see here) was read by just three of us, and this was mostly down to access. I got emails well into March from would-be readers who could not afford to buy the book new, and were unable to get copies from local libraries or online swap shops. I hadn’t realised it would […]

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The Friday Pretty: Crushes of the Week

How do you all feel about a little call and response? Good? Okay, here goes: When I say ‘FRI!’ you say ‘DAY!’ – FRI-DAY! FRI-DAY! FRI-DAY! Got that Friday feeling? Excited by the prospect of having a large one in town tonight? Yes? Good for you. For those still awaiting that glorious balloon-like feeling to […]

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RIP Elizabeth Taylor: Badass

My first ‘scent’ as a child (my mum indulged us, yes) was Charlie, a cheap red can of sickly sweet perfume. But then, when the time came to leave home and go to boarding school, I received my first proper eau de toilette, and it was Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds. It was quite possibly the […]

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The YGD Book Club: Coconut Unlimited

Hello again. Apologies for the lateness of this month’s YGD Book Club selection. You can blame, variously, Virgin Media, a busy work schedule and terrible insomnia. Whatever reason you alight on [VIRGIN!] the important thing is that March’s selection is finally here – Huzzah!

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