I Used To Be A Pomegranate*, Now I’m A Caravaggio

It's like looking in a mirror...

I find it hard to believe that anyone has ever looked at their body and thought, “Yup, I resemble a pear”. If your body type does not fall into the traditional fruit bowl, (big up the mangoes!) worry no more. Australian bra firm Triumph is campaigning for a total rehaul of the ‘fruit as women’s bodies’ metaphor and going for ‘Old Masters’ works as women’s bodies’. Glad to see the focus remains on defining women’s bodies, though. Because, you know, how would we know how to dress without these pearls of shapely wisdom?

*Seedy, delicious and red on the inside


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  1. I’ve definitely looked at myself and thought I resembled a pear. In fact my best friend once said to me “You are like the most extreme pear I have ever seen.” Charming, no? I’m cool with it though.

  2. I want to be a Tamara de Lempicka or Frida Kahlo – colourful and sensuous. Failing that, if we’re to be lumbered with fruit descriptions, I want to be a starfruit. Much more fun than an apple :-)

  3. Elly you caused a lol. A real one not an internet one.

    Clearly according to my name I must remain a fruit. Yellowish, furry, hard and sour.

  4. Genuine LOL, Elly.
    Vanessa, maybe because I’m a mishmash of body ‘types’, I cannot see my body as fruit. Push came to shove, I’d be a lumpy banana…
    RubyA, your fruitbowl’s exotic! I like it.
    Quince Tart, I find it hard to believe you’re hard and sour. I can imagine yellowish and furry though, like a Sesame Street monster. :)

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