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The Friday Pretty: Crushes of the Week

Hello, fellow Beauty Appreciators! I hope you’re all well – eating delicious meals, wearing gorgeous apparel and lounging about in life-giving sunshine at the start of this, the second four-day weekend of the year – thanks, Will and Kate! Incidentally, that will be the sole reference to the royal wedding on this here site; consider […]

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The Friday Pretty: Good Friday Edition

Hola, children! How’s life? If you’re in London, you’ll have been enjoying the fabulous weather – I myself wandered out of the house bare legged the other day, revealing my hairy legs to the world for only the second time this year. BTW, I spun this particular act of forgetfulness as a feminist protest: if […]

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Meet The Adebanjos (Hopefully Unrelated To The Crouches)

Cast your minds back to 2003 – President Obama was still just a gleam in the American public’s eye, Martha Stewart was indicted, and the BBC gave us a new sitcom about a black family in south London. The buzz of the last item of news was quickly stamped out by the limp reality. The […]

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The Friday Pretty: Crushes of the Week

Hey hey hey! Happy Friday, sweeties – hope you’ve all had productive weeks: deadlines have been met, targets smashed, feelings eaten. Cool. Cos I have some more images which you may find relevant to your mac-wearing interests: it’s The Friday Pretty! Let’s dive right in. In 2011, I’m trying to watch more movies. There is […]

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On Words And Unfortunate Accompanying Images

Late last week, I heard Kelly Rowland’s new single, Motivation. It features Lil Wayne (a man who inspired me to make a very funny visual gag one time; ask my pal J – she’ll tell you) and is one of the beepy, atmospheric R&B slow jams. It is, I guess, pretty not-bad, kinda sexy. I […]

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The Friday Pretty: 300th Post Edition

Yeah, you know what this is – it’s a celebration, bitches!* That’s right – in addition to today being April Fool’s Day and Friday i.e. Designated Day of Perving™, it also happens to be YGD’s 300th post! I’m very proud and incredibly grateful that you’re here, reading and commenting and being awesome confidence crutches. As […]

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