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The Friday Pretty: Pretty Boys of the Week

FRIDAY KLAXON. Alright. A lot happened this week, news-wise. But it will do us no good to rehash the bad news here, so I won’t, cherubs. I will say that it was also the week in which one of my dearest friends got married (CONGRATS, S!), so there was some light at the end of […]

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Why I Love… Awkward Black Girl

Do you harbour fantasies of being the greatest dancer at the party even though all evidence suggests otherwise? Do you stare at your co-workers, incredulous, because you have no idea how to connet with such cretins? Do you hate your boss, but channel your work-based rage into offensive gangsta rap lyrics? Do you often find […]

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Star Homes

I’ve been feathering my nest since I moved in last August (one year anniversary in a couple of weeks – yay!). A gorgeous print from Neil Leonard here, (buy one!), a lovely vintage lamp over there. A well-loved red armchair, a garland of red flowers above my bed, some coloured tea-light holders and a feminist […]

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The Friday Pretty: Murdochalypse Edition

It’s Friday, bishes! D’you like what I did with today’s title? No? WELL, I WAS TRYING TO BE TOPICAL, DAMMIT. Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no HDTV enabled, you’ll have been glued to your telly/wireless radio/t’internet connection, riveted by the unfolding select committee hearings at the House of Commons. Remember? Rupert Murdoch […]

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Kids’ Characters All Grown Up

I’ve been reading Bridge to Terabithia, as sent to me in the mail by my friend A (she of the glorious coconut cupcake recipe). She loves the lead character Jesse, you see. Here’s a little piece I wrote back in April about our favourite children’s characters all grown up. Unfortunately, it was spiked (it was […]

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Why I Love… Libraries

It really is this simple: I cannot imagine my life as it is today without libraries. I joined my first library at the age of 4 – when we were doing a massive clearout some time in 2001, we discovered an unreturned library book (sorry!) from 1987. Civic irresponsibility aside, it was one of my […]

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The Big Chop

In January this year, I cut off most of my hair. I’d been relaxing it pretty constantly since I was 14 [I had a mild punk phase and shaved it off. Let's just say that particular haircut caused my mother to say scornfully, "You look like a boy. An ugly boy" and leave it at […]

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The Friday Pretty: St Swithin’s Day Special

“It’s been a long time/I shouldn’t have left you/without a dope beat to step to…” HAPPY FRIDAY, CHERUBS! It’s the first TFP since my glorious return to the blogosphere. Yes, I used the hateful word ‘blogosphere’ but my intention is true: I am bringing sexy back! If you’re looking to begin the weekend with a […]

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I’m Baaaack!

Come to Mama, my lovelies! “But YorubaGirl!” you cry. “What have you been doing all this time?” Look, readers. I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but perhaps you heard about the closing of a little newspaper called the News of the World? Yeah – I had nothing to do with that. *taps nose* […]

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