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The Friday Pretty: ‘Justin Time’ Edition

TFP‘s favourite French word – after charcuterie – is Vendredi. You know why? It means Friday i.e. the official start of ‘Le Weekend’ as well as the designated day for perving. Let’s not be coy – Friday is when TFP comes alive. Hopefully, today’s selection will perk you up too. Strap in, lovelies, for it’s […]

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Made In Nigeria

Yesterday on Facebook, I came across this post on Anglo-Nigerian publisher Jeremy Weate’s page: “In Aba, they make Italian-style shoes from Kano leather which are labelled “Made in Italy”. No one would buy them if they said “Made in Nigeria”, although everyone knows they are made locally. Nigerians don’t trust products made in Nigeria and […]

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The Friday Pretty: Crushes of the Week

Harambee brothers and sisters! How are you all doing? Are you well? Are you fed? Are you warm? Praises! It’s Friday, you know. I’d like to apologise unreservedly for last week’s no-show – blame extra work and extra tiredness. But be assured that even during the quiet weeks, when the hot dudes are thin on […]

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