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The Friday Pretty: ‘Eating My Feelings’ Edition

It’s Friday, chaps and chappesses! This week was epic for all the wrong reasons – work reached tortuous lows, which resulted in TFP falling face first into soothing cheesecake aka ‘eating my feelings’. Before we get bogged down in the vice that is emotional eating, let’s all just agree it’s sometimes necessary before life can […]

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Side Project – Alternative Black History Month Facts

Hey guys! For the month of October, my friend @RubyA_79 and I are running a small side project called Alternative Black History Month Facts. It’s a Tumblr blog, and we’d appreciate it if you followed us on there. Some of you who follow on Twitter will already be aware of the blog, as well as […]

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The Friday Pretty: Crushes of the Week

Hola, beautiful people! It’s Friday, it’s pretty and a little pervy – IT’S THE FRIDAY PRETTY! Hope you’re all doing swell. It’s been one of those weeks around these parts – mass production of snot, nosebleeds, aches, pains, a stupidly busy week at work and still no sign of John Cho to whisk TFP away […]

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Good For Consumption

A simple invitation to dinner is always a turning point in my friendships. It is when I reveal the complex knot of food neuroses I have collected over the years, which means it is the point where I either alienate a friend or find a kindred spirit. And so, I’ve written a short essay about […]

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New Thing!

Hi everyone! Yes, the blog is still largely neglected, and for that I apologise profusely. But! *Bright smile* Here’s an occasional new feature to make me seem less crap! From time to time, I will be writing short (or long) essays and putting them up on the blog. They’re not necessarily going to be about […]

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The Friday Pretty: Sci-Fi/Cult Dudes

*SIGH* Look. I could spend this entire post apologising for the quietness on the blog these past few weeks. Or I could just say it once and mean it and get on with the show. I’M SORRY. I have been battling a combination of extreme busyness (in work and life in general), my insomnia has […]

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