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“YOU AIN’T BRITISH, YOU’RE BLACK!” – The woman on the tram

I think every black British person on my Twitter timeline had seen the video of the woman who launched into a racist tirade on a tram somewhere in London before noon on Monday morning (watch it here if you fancy topping up your daily dose of rage, avoid if not – it’s pretty vile). A […]

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“Dear Primark…” A Letter I Never Sent

Hey, y’all. Last week, at a literary night called ‘Letters You Never Sent’, I read out a letter to a roomful of strangers (and a few friends). It was the first time I’ve ever read any of my fiction in public, to a paying audience (eek!) and I enjoyed it very much – thank God […]

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The Friday Pretty: Happy Birthday Edition

Hi kids! How’s life? Good? AWESOME! Why in such a good mood? It’s only mah flippin’ birthday this weekend! As is traditional, TFP will be celebrating with complex carbs, perving on famous handsome men, friends, a birthday outing and then more carbs. It’s the natural order. With that in mind, let’s just jump straight into […]

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Are The Players Playing?

I’m currently in a job which gives me Fridays off. I’m so grateful for it – as well as having a designated day of non-work writing, it allows me to have a lie-in on a weekday (woo!), and I get to do the necessary-but-boring stuff like paying bills and returning library books.

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The Friday Pretty: Fireworks Special

Hey kids! How’s your Friday going? It’s been a hell of a week, huh? Monday was Halloween, and I heard that the trick or treat pickings were slim this year – this recession makes fools of us all! Monday also brought the tragic news of Kim Kardashian’s divorce – another blow for the sanctitiy of […]

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