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At Year End, A Look Back

Everything happened this year. Revolutions, riots, dictator deaths, economic crises, royal weddings, the release of Captain America, featuring Chris Evans’ giant pecs, Kelly Rowland and a selection of wigs appeared on a painfully mediocre X-Factor, , a fictional Prime Minister boffed a pig, and I cut off all my hair… I could go on, but […]

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The Friday Pretty: Bye, 2011 aka ‘The Year of Ryan’

Hello, everyone! Hope you’re all settling in for the next week-and-a-bit of enforced family time. Bought the tofurky? Or is it turducken this year? Got the bougie goose fat? How about the balsamic vinegar glaze for the roast veg? Most importantly, have you invented the story that will allow you to extricate yourself at a […]

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The Nigerian-British History Project

For the last few months, I have been thinking and vaguely discussing with my sister the idea of ‘something more than an oral history of Nigerians in Britain.” We all know Olaudah Equiano (hold tight, Nigerians in pre-1800 UK – braaap!) but how much do we know about the lives of British Nigerians over the […]

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