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The Body Beautiful

When I hear women talk about their bodies – and it is something that we all seem to do, however enlightened we are – I find myself having to bite my tongue often. This is down to two things: I am in the privileged population, body-wise. I am slim, have proportionately large breasts, and long […]

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The Friday Pretty: Is It Spring Yet? Edition

*Missy Elliott voice* HOLLA! Yes, babies – it’s Friday! After an unseasonably mild – 17 degrees – Thursday (TFP went bare-legged under a pastel-coloured pleated skirt in east London yesterday. IN FEBRUARY), it’s time for us to explore the Joys of Spring on here. And when you think of Spring, what pops into your mind? […]

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The ‘Help News Outlets Realise The Difference Between Rappers and Singers’ Benevolent Fund

With the shock passing of Whitney Houston this past weekend (I wrote something about her for the Guardian here), it’s been the perfect time for the media to showcase their spectacular ignorance/laziness when it comes to the identification of black and ‘urban’ performers.

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The First Kiss

This weekend, I came to a stunning realisation: I’ve watched You’ve Got Mail many more times than I’ve seen When Harry Met Sally. Man, I even saw it box fresh at the Stratford Picturehouse back in 1998. What can I say – I used to have a disposable income unattacked by council tax and the […]

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The Friday Pretty: Post-Tax Deadline Euphoria Edition

Hi, Friday! You look great – is that a new haircut? That fringe is so you. But you know what is even more you? A bunch of hot dudes just lounging on this here blog, waiting to be admired and casually perved on. Fight the patriarchy! Ogle a chap or two! It’s that time of […]

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