The Body Beautiful

When I hear women talk about their bodies – and it is something that we all seem to do, however enlightened we are – I find myself having to bite my tongue often. This is down to two things: I am in the privileged population, body-wise. I am slim, have proportionately large breasts, and long […]

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The First Kiss

This weekend, I came to a stunning realisation: I’ve watched You’ve Got Mail many more times than I’ve seen When Harry Met Sally. Man, I even saw it box fresh at the Stratford Picturehouse back in 1998. What can I say – I used to have a disposable income unattacked by council tax and the […]

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The Friday Pretty: Post-Tax Deadline Euphoria Edition

Hi, Friday! You look great – is that a new haircut? That fringe is so you. But you know what is even more you? A bunch of hot dudes just lounging on this here blog, waiting to be admired and casually perved on. Fight the patriarchy! Ogle a chap or two! It’s that time of […]

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