The Friday Pretty: Is It Spring Yet? Edition

*Missy Elliott voice*


Yes, babies – it’s Friday! After an unseasonably mild – 17 degrees – Thursday (TFP went bare-legged under a pastel-coloured pleated skirt in east London yesterday. IN FEBRUARY), it’s time for us to explore the Joys of Spring on here. And when you think of Spring, what pops into your mind? Flowers coming into bloom, renewal, the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Well, welcome friend! Those are exactly the themes we’re exploring today. Except instead of lame interpretive dance, we’re going to gaze upon handsome dudes. What better to express that feeling of… renewal you’re feeling right now? Sit back, kick off your shoes and stay tuned after the jump. That’s right – it’s The Friday Pretty!

We start the week with a newish crush for TFP. He’s currently starring in Happy Endings, a newish comedy on Thursday nights on E4, which TFP enjoys very much. As pointed out before, it doesn’t fill the void left by the end of Friends (what will? WHAT EVER WILL?) but it does its job well enough. Damon Wayans Jr plays Brandon, a character who is made a Boondocks joke a few weeks ago that made TFP laugh out loud. That’s no bad thing. It also helps that he’s, you know, cute. TFP loves it when he smiles. (Fans of 90s comedy and black TV dynasties may recognise he’s a Wayans progeny – his dad starred in sitcom My Wife and Kids). Look upon his face:

Our next dude is also from a newish comedy (clearly, TFP hibernates with a telly, like all civilised bears). New Girl stars Zooey Deschanel, who seems to inspire either slavish devotion or frothing-at-the-mouth hatred, but who TFP just plain likes. TFP likes her blunt fringe and her sparkly eyes. TFP doesn’t even mind her band side project, She & Him. TFP also very much enjoys this new telly vehicle and has watched every episode. *shrug* Truthfully, in TFP‘s opinion, she’s the weakest thing in it, but that’s okay, because there exists Schimdt, who is so cute, funny and prissy. Also he’s cute. TFP wants to pinch his cheeks and then do bad things with him after. Here’s Max Greenfield:

Speaking of sweet-looking boys you want to corrupt, it’s been a while since TFP featured Jake Gyllenhaal, if ever. A gross oversight, all will agree. TFP has been pondering his lopsided grin and self-deprecating humour and also the abs and biceps he sported in the piece of cinematic trash, Prince of Persia. You just somehow know he gives good hugs. Check it, kids!

Next up, it’s Romain Duris. Why? Cos he’s French and hot (ever since The Artist, TFP can’t get enough of hot French dudes) and isn’t that enough? It isn’t? Oh. Okay, he also has big hair, one of TFP‘s many weaknesses (the list includes, but is not limited to: big noses, luxurious eyebrows and veiny forearms. Ahem). Look at this bouffant:

We end this week’s edition with a dude featured last year. TFP knows very little about him outside of the fact that his abs are a dead copy of TFP’‘s. Enough chat – here’s Ibrahim Baaith. What even is life?

Okay, all done. See y’all next time!

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  1. I think Damon Wayans Jr is very pretty, and I think the fact that he was only featured in the pilot episode of New Girl contributed to my decline in interest in the show.

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