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In Praise of Girlfriends

Source All the talk of Lena Dunham’s new show, Girls, has had me looking into the annals (heh) of popular culture, searching for the representation so sorely lacking in Ms Dunham’s HBO creation. So, a quick question: Do any of the names on the t-shirt above ring any bells for you? They should. For eight […]

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Unconscious Attempt At Re-creation of Iconic Image Part I

While organising some stray folders on my desktop, I came upon a photograph… This is me, with semi-permanent burgundy hair in March 2012: And this is Janet (Ms Jackson if you’re nasty) all the way back in 1997: *pause* Yes, I’m giving myself the side-eye right now too. Happy Monday, kids!

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The Friday Pretty: Magic Mike Special Edition

*Noddy Holder – paraphraser face* IT’S FRIDAY! Don’t know about you, dear reader, but it’s been sheeting rain, single figure temperatures and general April melancholy in these parts for the past week. Properly depressing stuff. Let’s just say, if it’s true what they say about a shit spring auguring a brilliant summer, then May to […]

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Paris Is For Lovers Singles Everyone

Last month I travelled to Paris for a few days of R&R. Look, I know relatively speaking, I’m in the world’s top half, earnings, access and amenities-wise. And I know one of the main reasons I’m nearly always broke is because of the career I chose to work in. I get all that. But man, […]

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The Friday Pretty: Crushes of the Week

Happy Friday, children! It’s been a week of sunshine and showers, a four-day week after a three-day weekend; it’s all been a bit much. Frankly, we’re all in need of some man-toast. Well, never fear. Today is Friday, and this post will be all about that speciality toast – as well as a selection of tasty preserves, […]

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Talking To Strangers

The scene: 10:30pm, Brixton Station, a couple of weekends ago, waiting for the 133 bus.

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In My Bag

At the risk of sounding like a media wanker, I often get emails from young and/or aspiring journalists asking me for general advice on getting into journalism. Because they have sought my wise words, I get to rant about how things have changed since I was a young ‘un (I still am, I guess, but […]

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