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A while back, I gave a short story I was working on to a friend to read. She’s great – full of encouragement and knowledge and critical suggestions; exactly what you need when you’re writing fiction. This particular short story featured a sex scene (or at least the beginnings of one). I was apprehensive; this […]

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The Friday Pretty: Avengers Assemble Edition

IT’S FRIDAY! Remember this? Now substitute ‘Friday!’ for ‘morning’. Yeeeeaaah. But on to business. Another week, another movie theme. Last Friday afternoon was a joyous one, as I went to the cinema (solo – a post to come about the joys of this method) to watch what is surely one of the movies of the […]

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In Praise Of Jon B

Last week on my Tumblr dashboard, Cord Jefferson (an excellent writer/editor person in NY) posted a video of Jon B’s ‘Are U Still Down?’. This is the video: Cord’s commentary went as follows: “Without Jon B. there would be no Drake. Belee dat.” And that’s the exact moment I fell in love with Cord Jefferson. […]

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Free for Foreigners

My sister sent me this piece from the Wall Street Journal last week, and we had a short angry ‘WTF?’ conversation about five minutes after I’d read the first couple of paragraphs. This bit, from the event organiser Rachel Chan was interesting to me: “For most guys, especially bankers, they say, ‘I’ve seen many, many pretty girls […]

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The Friday Pretty: Crushes of the Week

Oh, Friday – it seemed like you would never get here! This week has been buffoonery upon apocalyptic rainfall upon buffoonery, so it’s fair to assume that the sight of a few very handsome men will do absolute wonders for the psyche, yes? Well, this post is here to service your needs. So lock your office […]

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