The Friday Pretty: Crushes of the Week

Oh, Friday – it seemed like you would never get here!

This week has been buffoonery upon apocalyptic rainfall upon buffoonery, so it’s fair to assume that the sight of a few very handsome men will do absolute wonders for the psyche, yes? Well, this post is here to service your needs. So lock your office door (if you have one), take a sip of the sizzurp you keep in the bottom drawer, and put your feet up on the desk – take a few moments to indulge in the wonder of The Friday Pretty!

Proceedings commence with a man TFP has been in crush with for several years now. You cannot begin to understand the depth of the intense crush-love. If he ever spoke to TFP, TFP would wet its pants, while making this face. Only a few nights ago, TFP lulled itself to sleep watching the Alicia Keys video he appears in over and over and over… you get the picture (the look on his face at 3:54, you guys. And then again at 4:51. Lawdt). It’s Mos Def, y’all:

TFP has finally caught up with all of Season 3 of Justified, which follows the adventures of US Marshal Raylan Givens and various supporting players in Kentucky. You don’t know about Justified? Girl, you better #axe somebody. For it stars Timothy Olyphant, a man so sexy, it makes TFP cry a little bit, on the inside. He wears a freakin’ 10 gallon and is often found in a Henley shirt (a Grandad shirt by any other name), which should be like applying pure kryptonite directly to a ladyboner. But he also wears a pair of jeans that fits everywhere it should, carries off a white vest like it was placed upon his body by doves and he can handle a gun. As a friend to TFP put it on Twitter only a few weeks ago: “I’m not sure I can trust a straight woman who doesn’t fancy Timothy Olyphant.” True say, lady. TRUE SAY.

TFP came across (tee hee) this next guy on Tumblr, which seems to be the forum for scoping out hot guys who would’ve never crossed TFP‘s radar otherwise (srsly, keep your eyes peeled in a couple of weeks, when there will be a CORKER). This chap is called Charles Michael David (three first names – argh!) but he is forgiven because HIS FACE. It’s like symmetry did a swandive off the 10m diving board and fell gracefully onto the space above his neck. Jesus, man:

It’s no secret that TFP is a fan of the silver fox: TFP believes that old can be gold (um, you get what TFP means). Having said that, in some cases, TFP has often wondered what some prominent silver foxes looked like when they were less long on the tooth, you know, in the days before colour television. Last week, TFP found a photo that made its way to every social media network at its disposal. Look at this picture of a young John Slattery and weep at his beauty [also, as pointed out by another friend to TFP onTwitter, doesn’t he look a lot like James Deen? PS: don’t Google James Deen at work. Please.]:

Finally, this week, we get to Zachary Quinto. ZQ is just plain old fashioned smokin’, you know? For no other reason than popping up on TFP‘s Tumblr dashboard, he makes it onto this week’s edition. Blame the bushy eyebrows (just how TFP likes ’em) and the characterful nose (sure to garner TFP‘s attention). Plus he knows how to wear the hell out of some spectacles. TFP has a serious weakness for boys in glasses. Unf.

All perved out. We assemble (ooh, a hint?) here next time – have a great weekend!

6 responses

  1. UNGH. That’s a really cute pic of Mr Bey up top there – didn’t fancy him before, but I’m open to persuasion now. Damn you!

    I’m sure there are pictures of a fully-clothed James Deen. That man is HUTT! (say that in your best pan-Caribbean accent).

  2. Ok Charles Micheal David…….awwwwww,*faints n recovers* Those lips Lawd save my poor soul……and then ZQ……..Kill me already……..

  3. Nice choices! And I agree with you about Zachary Quinto, only because he was Spock in the “Star Trek” movie from a couple of years ago, and I’m a huge fan of Trek and Spock. (Though Leonard Nimoy’s Spock is tops in my book.)

  4. YES to the first three! And I think his name is Charles Michael Davis (And no, I don’t know this because I did a google image search of him for more pictures… >_>)

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