The Friday Pretty: Diamond Jubilee Edition

So, according to the nursery rhyme, Solomon Grundy ‘grew worse on Friday’. Listen, Sol, I know you’re dead and buried so RIP and all that, but you’re a chump. If you’d only hung out on this here blog on Friday, you would not ‘died on Saturday’. You’re immortal thanks to rhyme, Solomon, but you were a CHUMP.

Long week? Even with all the glorious sunshine (I have tanned to a gloriously deep, even brown), no doubt. Which is why you’re here. To take in sights of natural wonder in the form of hot dudes. All on the same page? Cool. Let’s begin – it’s The Friday Pretty!

Prior to a couple of weeks ago, TFP saw an ad that changed its perving possibilities. TFP had never even heard of a York Peppermint Pattie before watching the ad. Turns out, thanks to the internet, it need never bother. The pertinent bit is the star of the spot, one Gavin Dunne. Gavin is a model, repped by Wilhelmina Miami (see his kinda NSFW casting video here) TFP wants to cradle his face and stare into his dreamy eyes (amongst other things). Here’s what Gavin Dunne looks like:


A few weekends back, TFP enjoyed the first part of a slumber party with some of its oldest friends. Alas, work got in the way, so TFP was forced to retire from the festivities too early. But before departing, the assembled group got to watch This Means War (no judgement, ‘k?). Tom Hardy, man. Is he real? Was he generated by some super-secret super-smart focus group? Because he ticks all the boxes. All of them. Every time he did something adorably hot, the room would dissolve into fizzy giggles. TFP would like to nibble on his neck and mewl for a few hours… WHO SAID THAT? (um, strike that from the record):

Jesse Williams, what are you doing to TFP? You are so pretty with your cat eyes and that thing you do with your upper lip when you smile. Oh, and your freckles! They’re pretty cute too. In fact, you know what? Ditch whiny Kepner and come to London, dammit. TFP and the parade of pervs who read this here blog will show you a good time. Look at you, FFS – you’re adorbz:

This next guy is a no-name, found while idly clicking stuff on Tumblr (you’re not on Tumblr? Get out). This was just tagged ‘hot Copenhagen cyclist’, which was enough for TFP. Boys on bikes are hot – it’s all that eco-friendly, fit (as in strong muscles, and er, stamina) and ability to get into small spaces energy. It makes them unfailingly cute; like this one, who is tall (with excellent taste in trainers), wears glasses (nggh!) and has a beard. It’s a smörgåsbord of delights!

Michael Ealy’s fine ass almost made TFP want to watch Think Like A Man. TFP said ‘almost‘, sucker – Steve Harvey and his collection of ridiculous suits is not getting TFP‘s money. But still – you can understand the ‘almost’, can’t you? (PS: this goes out to Funlayo. She knows why):

Okay, it’s short and sweet this week! Enjoy the looong weekend (thanks, Queenie!) and rave safe. See you next time, pervs.

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  1. Let’s be real, the ONLY reason you would see “This means war” is for Tom Hardy. He is 5 colours of UNF.

    Oh and he is a great reason to watch “Inception” again. Well that and the bromance with JGL. AMIRIGHT?

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