Gettin’ In The Way…

No two ways about it, I’ve been pretty terrible about posting this past month. No Friday Pretty, no random side-eye London encounter, no essays, nothing. What can I say? Life got in the way. A snapshot of that life below:

In summary: shoes! lots of nail varnish, a bit of ankle as the weather turned nice for a few days, homemade slaw (nice weather again), cheesecake (cos it was Tuesday or somesuch), Guardian writing about finally learning to swim (yay!), tulips from my lovely manager, insomnia and its masking friend, eye cream.

Plus, the blog has got significantly bigger (thank you for clicking, reading, subscribing, ‘Liking’ and sharing, and thanks for telling your friends to click too), so there have been bandwith issues…So if you get to this blog and there;s a notice telling you that you can’t read, please bear with me – I’m working on it, promise.

I’ll try to do better; I’ll try to blog more. But in case I fall short, then won’t you come over to Twitter? Or Tumblr? Or even Facebook (now with 101 ‘Like’s!)?

I miss blogging.

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  1. Just read your piece in the Guardian! My parents made us take swimming lessons as kids, but I only really learned how to swim (i.e. front-crawl properly) in my 20s. Neglecting my fear of the deep end of the pool, I signed up for a triathlon & had to figure out “swimming” in open water in about 6 weeks! It all worked out and I love swimming now.

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