The Friday Pretty: ‘Rain Rain, Go Away!’ Edition

Guys! Psst, GUYS! Guess who’s back?

Apologies for the radio silence – it’s been raining solidly in this corner of England for quite a while now, which means everyone has been damp for quite a few weeks now… As you can imagine, it’s not been the most conducive of circumstances to conjure up words and pictures of hot dudes being hot and little else. Still, sincere apologies. The main thing is that we’re all here, right now, and it’s Friday. Glory! Without further ado, uncrick your neck and get ready to splay out your toes in delight – it’s The Friday Pretty!

We begin this week with Jesse Williams, who popped up on Facebook, just casually doing up his pristine shoes and looking fine as hell while doing so. TFP can relate: people are always wanting to take its photo while it’s getting ready to leave the house. Behold the goodness:

TFP bit the bullet and went to see Think Like A Man at the cinema last week. No judgement, please – it was Orange Wednesday at a reasonable priced cinema in West London and what else was there to do after work? Exactly. Anyway, as expected, it was pretty bad. BUT. TFP was richly rewarded by the extended shots of a certain Michael Ealy playing basketball, in chef whites, in a selection of form-fitting Henley t-shirts and in a fine display of direction, all morning-rumpled with his shirt off. Check, and indeed, MATE.

Remember going to see House of Flying Daggers at the movies a few years back? TFP does. Its eye was caught by the alluring Takeshi Kaneshiro – a face so pretty it made TFP a little bit trembly-kneed. A random sighting on the Tumblr dashboard means he’s made it into this week’s edition. It really is that simple: see hot guy, like hot guy, include hot guy on perv-fest on blog. BOSH.

This week marked the (legal) return of New Girl to British screens – yay! – of which TFP is a fan. It’s pretty charming and a little twee (but not too much, thankfully) and that is down in no small part to Nick. Played by Jake Johnson, his grumpy face and characterful nose makes TFP very happy. He’s right up TFP‘s rue.

Lastly, this week, we alight at the door of 1980 and request an audience with an actor whose beauty would make nuns cry (TFP is sure). Young Richard Gere. Three simple words, and a thousand sighs of agreement, amirite? *Beyonce voice* “I told my girls you can get it!” He’s no slouch now, but back then… just ridiculous (big nose, too. UNF):

Okay, that it. You should be all fired up and ready to dominate this Friday the 13th like a pro. Have a great weekend!

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