The Friday Pretty: ‘When’d You Get So Badass, Joseph Gordon-Levitt?’ Edition

Hey, I just met you.

And this is crazy.

But it’s The Friday Pretty, baby.

Perv with me, maybe?

So many exciting things this week – the sun came out in London town, you guys! The Olympics start today, you guys! I saw The Dark Knight Rises at the cinema and it was awesome, you guys! And last bust not least, it’s Friday today, which means it’s been one week since Ramadan started and we get to glory in the superior craftsmanship displayed in the making of the following hot dudes. Rise to the medal podium, people. Take that perving gold! It’s The Friday Pretty!

We start of the week with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Listen. Nobody prepared TFP for all that jelly on display in The Dark Knight Rises. Long has TFP harboured a crush on JGL – it was there at the (age-appropriate, one stresses) beginning in Third Rock From The Sun – and has remained a sort of pervy Samwise Gamgee all the while, silently (and not-so-silently) supporting, perving and defending him and his hotness. All that investment paid off. TFP had all of the feelings watching him be all noble and smouldering and too damn hot to handle in TDKR. With that jawline. And that accent. And those dreamy eyes. *gently fingers collar* Oh, my.

You get two JGLs for the price of one, cos TFP is generous like that this week. Serious Joe:

And Acoustic Joe, for the sensitive-with-a-guitar-types:

Let’s keep it Dark Knight-heavy for a brief second, yeah? Let’s discuss Tom Hardy. Let’s take in his pretty, pretty face, his gorgeous mouth, his beautiful smile, his vocal splendour, his casual grace. And then let’s forget all of that as Christopher ‘Loco’ Nolan clearly did when he put him in Bane’s face harness, asked him to bulk up to a ridiculous degree and distorted his lovely, sonorous voice. WTF, NOLAN? As a point of principle, TFP went into that cinema and fancied the hell out of Bane anyway. So there. Here’s Hardy in less Bane-y times. Just… YES:

Also, have this gif to keep in your pocket for emergencies:

We move, with singular focus, onto the next chap in this week’s line-up. Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi. He’s ridiculous. He makes TFP giggle just by showing his cutie pie face. His grin, man. Scott looks like a good time, wrapped in a fun time, surrounded by a whale of a time. TFP has plenty of time for that, y’know? Also, one of his middle names is Ramon. R A M O N. Yeah!

This week’s recipient of the inaugural Beyonce Knowles Award in the field of ‘I told my girls you can get it!’ is Nick Wechsler. Like many a TFP subject, he’s been on the radar a while; remember him in Roswell? Well, TFP does. Now he’s popped up in Revenge, the most ridiculous, over-the-top, soapy bit of televisual brilliance in years, and he’s all tragic and wistful and windblown. He could get it, even with that patently ridiculous haircut he’s sporting. (Honestly, it’s like placing a fried egg over a bowl of cereal – wrong and ugly. But somehow, not untasty):

Okay. Time to go! See you next time, when it’ll be an Olympic special. Perv safe, kids.

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  1. I didn’t think Joseph Gordon-Levitt (we’re the same age, give or take) was cute when he had that long hair earlier in Third Rock From the Sun‘s run, but when he cut it that’s when he started looking cute to me. And he was really something in Inception.

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