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Getting Back Into Crush Mode


I live in a small and perfectly formed flat in east London. Yes, I know: a writer who lives in Hackney. In my defence, I do not own a cat (or a sausage dog), I have never left the house with a ‘hipster topknot’, I cannot ride a bike nor do I own one, and […]

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On ‘Black Girl Feels’


Last week, my Tumblr dashboard threw up a teaser promo for Solange Knowles’ upcoming single, Losing You. I watched the clip (less than a minute long) three times in a row, liking what I heard and saw much more with each viewing. Then I re-read the blurb an earlier poster, Britticisms had written: Preview for the new […]

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The Friday Pretty: ‘Hello, Autumn – You Look Lovely’ Edition

Happy Friday! In the words of Ned Stark: winter is coming. We have packed away our short shorts, frilly vest tops and open-toed sandals, and dragged out the Fair Isle knits, the fleece-lined tights, and the hats are at the ready, for we are now firmly in the breezy grip of autumn, and the diktat […]

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Girls In White Dresses (or a quick note on many of the post-college/uni novels I have read)

I just finished Girls In White Dresses. It could easily have been called ‘White Girls In White Dresses’ or even ‘Lena Dunham’s White Girls’ or ‘HBO’s White Girls In Dresses’… I think you get the point here.

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