The Friday Pretty: Sausage Casserole Weather Edition

Aldis 1

Feel that nip in the air? Autumn is here. So gather close, friends. Light the fire, pull on your Snuggie™ and a pair of cashmere blend socks. Open up the oven and remove the fragrant casserole within. Sink your fork into the rich gravy. Revel in the stodge of soft potatoes and tender meat. Gorge. Burp lustily. Make a pot of Earl Grey, let it steep, pour. Flip open your laptop. Arrive at the correct url, click this post. View, sigh, perv. This isn’t just any Pretty. This is The Friday Pretty.

We start with a chap named Aldis Hodge, whose face makes TFP want to cry a little, because it’s so goddamn beautiful. Look at his face. LOOK AT IT. It’s like it’s carved from deep, luscious heartwood. The arch of his eyebrows makes knees tremble. And his eyes! They are so soulful and gorgeous. By the time we get to his smile, TFP is quite, quite undone. Observe heaven’s bounty:

Next, a blast from TFP‘s perving past: Jeff Goldblum. When this gifset came up on TFP‘s Tumblr dashboard, TFP had a Proustian flashback, remembering the good old days when he used to shill for Mac – remember those ads? They look so quaint now, but Holy Mother of God, Goldblum’s voice! Anyway, Mr G is about to turn 60(!), and as far as TFP is concerned, he could still get it. Wholly and repeatedly. You know? UNF.

Also seen on TFP‘s Tumblr dash over the last few weeks? Gifs from new TV show The Mindy Project. TFP is a Mindy fangirl, and finds all of her projects relevant to its interests, particularly if they star lovely-looking Chris Messina. TFP is here for his dreamy eyes, and his delectable mouth. And in this photo, take a look at his delightful salt-and-pepper beard. Nnnnnggggh:

Rounding up this week’s short-and-oh-so-sweet edition is a chap who could be described in exactly those terms. TFP has watched about 10% of this season’s The X-Factor and the acts are so bad (yes, moreso than usual). Plus side: more time spent ogling lovely host Dermot O’Leary, who is cute and compact, and can rock the hell out of a turtleneck, which is no mean feat. TFP also has it on good authority that his hugs can cure cramps, migraines and also polio.

Okay, that’s it. See you next time – in woolly socks, and with hopeful, pervy expressions.

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