The Friday Pretty: ‘What The Hell, Winter?!’ Edition



Have some jaunty Rollins and Monk to go with that Friday feeling *taps foot, snaps fingers*:

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Y’all can blame work. It puts food in my pot and heat in my radiators, but boy does it take away from servicing the pervy needs  of the TFP fandom. Deep apologies. To that end, let’s not waste any more time – we all know why we’re here: straight-to-the-point pervfest of hot dudes. Some are bearded, some are not. Some are black, some are not. The lowest common denominator? They’re all smokin’ hot, and our limbic systems have communicated that we want to jump them. Without further ado, grab a cocktail-in-a-can and settle in – it’s The Friday Pretty!

TFP doesn’t even know this bloke’s name, but when he came up on the ol’ Tumblr dash, an involuntary flash to Beyonce’s Party started up in TFP‘s brain. You know the one: “I told my girls you can get it” It’s true, too. He could get it. All week, and then twice on Sunday. It’s serious, you guys. LOOK AT HIM:

Next, a TFP favourite, Jesse Williams. Every so often the internet spits out another photo of the Grey’s Anatomy actor, and like clockwork, TFP immediately right-clicks and saves image. It’s a sickness. But not the deadly kind. What’s deadly is what lies behind his beautiful eyes… Also, in the photo below, HE’S WEARING GLASSES – Kryptonite for most thinking men/women. *swoon*

We move happily along to a guy who only entered TFP‘s consciousness in the last week or so. He’s a model, but don’t let that but you off. He is, how you say, scorchio. And he’s freckled. And he looks cute while carrying a dog (which bodes well for how cute he would look with future offspring, if that is something you would be interested in a few years down the line when you know him better and have put him down as ‘next of kin’ on your work HR documents). His name is Victor Ross, and TFP would climb him like a tree. Observe him (two times):

Okay, calm yourselves. J/K, here’s some more fire for your pants, in the form of Gael Nicolas. All TFP knows is that he’s French, a silver fox, and knows how to wear a pair of glasses and designer stubble. TFP is here for all of that. (some NSFW pics here for, um, later):

Next up, a dude currently shilling for luxury brand Louis Vuitton (once, TFP accidentally brushed against an LV bag and experienced a peculiar feeling of simultaneous financial wealth and moral poverty, all at the same time). Of Taiwanese and Malaysian heritage, he’s very pretty indeed, which is just the way TFP likes ’em. It’s Godfrey Gao, everybody:

Next, another TFP fave, Kid Cudi. No special reason, just the usual mix of benign lust and the internet. How can you not fancy ALLA DIS right here? Witness the fitness, FFS:

Finally this week, a little gif of old school awesome, in the form of Mr Marlon Brando. Rest In Power, you attractive sonofabitch. *kicks down chair, walks quick lap round flat*:

Okay, we’re done here. See you next time, you filthy creatures. TFP out!

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  1. Yup, Happy friday! My goddness, I am a happy girl right now but I can’t choose a fave piece of man meat in the above as that would be like Sophie’s choice!

  2. I have a suspicion that hot bearded dude number one might be a well-concealed Michael Vartan? I recall the pic cropping up under an Alias tag… Couldn’t be wrong. Either way, he’s alright.

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