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The Friday Pretty (on a Monday): Farewell, 2012!


The sprouts are eaten, the bones of the roasted poultry (RIP) have been used to make stock (or is being lovingly crunched by local urban foxes), and your pleasingly squidgy carb food baby has not budged since its conception on Christmas Eve. In other words, 2012 is drawing a discreet veil over its face and […]

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The Best of 2012


Remember last year, when I did a brief look back at the year just gone? You do? Super, because we’re doing that again (spoiler: I didn’t get a dog – boo). My word for the year? Easy. It’s ‘lipstick’. Listen. You could walk away from this post right now because that’s the major take-home from […]

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Freelancer’s Prayer for 2013


In the name of the Printing Press, the Commissioning Editor and The Glorious Sub, Please, let someone get pregnant this year. Let someone take a lengthy sabbatical. Let someone decide to retrain as a teacher or hairdresser because it’s what they’ve always wanted to do. Let someone take some time away to finish That Book. […]

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While You Were Sleeping, and the Dearth of Working Class Romcom Heroines

Last week I watched While You Were Sleeping, which is but one leaf on my ‘Christmas Movies – Romcoms’ branch. I love this movie. It is cute and funny and genuinely romantic, and it stars Sandra Bullock, a fine actress who has contributed much goodness to the genre. I <3 Sandy, man. And speaking of […]

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Film Africa 2012: Nigerians at the BFI

Phone Swap

A few weeks back, following several days and sleepless nights of terrible illness (a head cold that felt like a troop of ill-tempered monkeys – led by a stompy soldier – had taken up residence in my body), I wrapped up in three layers, biker boots and a headwrap to go attend a film screening […]

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