The Best of 2012


Remember last year, when I did a brief look back at the year just gone? You do? Super, because we’re doing that again (spoiler: I didn’t get a dog – boo).

My word for the year? Easy. It’s ‘lipstick’.

Alexandra Burke’s ‘Lip Boom’ red lipstick from Superdrug is The Shit.

Listen. You could walk away from this post right now because that’s the major take-home from this whole thing, kids: dinky tubes of pigment, wax, oil and emollient. I discovered lipstick in a big way in 2012: I wore it everywhere, from the office to lunch and /or dinner to getting the paper on a Saturday afternoon. It is a mood elevator, an outfit-put-together-er and also, basically witchcraft. I am only angry I discovered it this late in life.

But there were other Things of Greatness in 2012, and they are listed, right after the jump.

  • Disclosure’s somewhat miraculous track Latch:

Okay. Time for a quick Cute Interlude:

To Do List 2013

  • Do excellent, interesting work
  • Ovary up sufficiently to tell at least one of the two guys I have crushes on that I would like to kiss them squarely in the face
  • Get a new laptop – the treadmilling hamster that keeps this one going is asthmatic and weary. I’ve my eye on a MacBook, and am open to alternative ‘payment plans’. o_O
  • Go to many more parties
  • Learn how to do a perfect cat’s eye flick with my felt tip liner
  • Decide once and for all what my ‘signature scent’ is (DKNY Be Delicious? [Ugh, that name] or Michael Kors Women! It’s the tuberose, see.)
  • Wear more dresses
  • Go to New York and/or LA
  • Higher cake consumption
  • Punching every last person who says ‘female’ – when they should be saying ‘woman’ or ‘girl’ – in the crotch
  • Blog more 😉
  • Bring back blue eyeshadow, like, in a big way:

I have one more post on the blog this year (an end-of-year post-Crimbo Festival of Joyous Perving, since you ask) and then that’s it till 2013. Have a happy, safe and warm Christmas, chums. I am grateful you decided to stop by this year and I hope you’ll continue to.


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