The Friday Pretty (on a Monday): Farewell, 2012!


The sprouts are eaten, the bones of the roasted poultry (RIP) have been used to make stock (or is being lovingly crunched by local urban foxes), and your pleasingly squidgy carb food baby has not budged since its conception on Christmas Eve. In other words, 2012 is drawing a discreet veil over its face and making way for the New Year.

2013: what will it bring? Who knows? But let’s hope that whatever else it throws at us, hot dudes posing sultrily for the camera will remain in vogue. Because modern living is hard, dammit, and sometimes when all else – friendship, the love of a good man/woman, cheesecake – fails, the allure of a pretty man in glorious 2-D, on this here blog, tends to do the trick. So shut the door, take off your thermal socks and let these hotties help you forget the sorrows of 2012 while preparing you for the bounty of 2013 – it’s The Friday Pretty!

We begin the show with Superman, as played by fine British actor Henry Cavill. He is very, very pretty indeed. He looks like a younger, more gym-committed version of Timothy Olyphant (himself no stranger to TFP‘s wall of fame). Or a younger, ever so slightly more symmetrical twin of Matt Bomer (ditto). Essentially, the pertinent take-home here is: you would, innit. You would – repeatedly and with gusto – pausing only for hydration breaks featuring Gatorade. He’s lovely:

In moments of crush-despair, TFP will sidle over to YouTube in a casual manner and look up the video of Alicia Keys’ still-beautiful track You Don’t Know My Name, which stars one of TFP‘s forever-crushes – the ever-adorably rumpled Mos Def. *Jill Scott voice* “Check the affirmative…” Superb nose action*: CHECK. New York accent: CHECK. Able to pull off hats in non try-hard, uber-cool manner: CHECK. Talented rapper: niche request, but still CHECK. He’s the full package, guys:

Next, let’s talk bone structure. More specifically, let’s talk about the superior structure displayed on the face of model and full-time One of God’s Special Miracles™, Victor Ross. Listen. There are men, and then there are men, and Mr Ross is of the latter breed. Do you ever look at someone, and unbidden, Miguel’s Adorn just starts playing somewhere in the back of your mind? *pause* Don’t be coy – this is a safe space. Victor is That Dude. Here is a gif of him wearing glasses (one of TFP‘s many man Kryptonite-balls), and here is an entirely NSFW pic of him THAT YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY WAIT TILL YOU ARE AT HOME TO CLICK. Anyway. Victor Ross, ladies and gentlemen:

Jesse Williams is a firm (heh) TFP favourite, and there is no reason whatsoever not to include him in this here end-of-year roundup. He hits the spot, you know? It’s his cat eyes – they hypnotise you effortlessly. (His six-pack is a real deal-clincher, to be fair):

This man is called Omari Hardwick. He is one of the stars of Sundance success Middle of Nowhere, which is a film TFP hopes will one day make it to the UK, whether on limited release or DVD (TFP is not fussy; just so long as the [BLACK WOMAN!] creator gets props/paid). By all accounts, he is very good in it, which is great and all that, because he has a marvellous face (and body), and those are worthy of attention too, innit:

We end with John Cho, because amid all the excitement of the new Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer, TFP had only one complaint: NOT ENOUGH CHO, NEVER ENOUGH CHO! Do you even understand the beauty of John Cho, Hollywood? Of course you don’t, you cretins. TFP knows a good thing when it sees it, which is why TFP is glad it brought its library card along today cos IT IS CHECKING JOHN CHO OUT. He’s a stone cold internet-boo (which is the best kind of boo). Observe his stellar cuteness:

Okay – that’s it! Have fun this New Year’s Eve: dance away your sorrows and celebrate your successes, drink (responsibly) and be merry and kiss someone appropriately awesome when the clocks strikes midnight.

See you for more lustful hi-jinks on the other side of 2012. Wish you love, light and all the pervy glances you can manage… :)

*TFP Kryptonite

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