Is it too late to wish you all a Happy New Year? It is? Well, hard cheese.


2013 so far: I’ve booked in for some more dental surgery (again – yay!). Also, I’ve changed my phone case: from a casette to a Nintendo Game Boy, because I likes to keep it retro. Most recently, I was able to make an actual puff with my hair. Let the church say ‘amen’…

What’s new with you? How’s it all hanging? Are you doing that cheesy-as-hell-but-I-still-want-to-try-it thing of putting all the good things that happen into a jar for end-of-year review purposes? Apparently, they’re called ‘memory jars‘ (oh, AMERICA). Let me know if you’re going to try it, and maybe a whole bunch of us will and then we can share at year end. Or something.

Anyway. I wish you all success and peace and joy, and all the other good things your hearts desire this year. I hope to bring you Friday Pretties, interesting essays and ridiculous tales of life in London.

You’re gonna love it*.

(*you may not love it)

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  1. My new years resolutions are on my blog but I have started something like a jar, it’s a book where I have to write about what I have done to better my life that day. It sounds awful and cliche but when you actually write down how you filled your day you start to actually start sticking to resolutions..mainly because thoughts like ” did I really need to gobble a whole multi-pack of walkers crisps in front of the tv rather than complete those last few articles?” ” is Eastenders going to be something I look back on in ten years time and think, that was it, that was THE moment everything changed”..ekk I don’t think so..therefore I am totally hoping I make it to Feburary ( or at least another week!) before I give up and return to the sweat pants ( whom to be fair I do miss) Happy new year chica! X

  2. Happy New Year! – it’s good for any time you see someone new in the first few weeks of January I reckon.

    For my resolutions I am embracing the vlogbrothers this year (not literally although a girl can dream) and keeping it simple: 1. Decrease suck 2. Increase awesome.

    Love the hair!

  3. Yeah, cheesy and yeah, I started one. My Dude is part Hungarian and apparently it’s tradition to start the new year with a bite of kielbasa and a bite of sauerkraut. So our ‘memory jar’? The sauerkraut jar! Makes sense, ya? Should be interesting next NYE with a drunken reading of all the fun and fab hijinks we got up to in 2013. :)

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