The Friday Pretty: Snow Crushes


Do you know what day it is, kids? Here’s a hint: it’s the one before Saturday, but after Thursday. It is a magical day, one where you can feel the tentacles of the week slowly unfurling. It’s Friday, children! Which means someone has been curating images of exceptionally hot dudes with the express aim of bringing you some gentle joy at the end of the week. And if there was ever a week that needed some perking up, it’s this one, what with the snow and ice and wind. So, pull on your thermal vest and grab a cup of hot chocolate – IT’S THE FIRST FRIDAY PRETTY OF 2013!

We start with a chap who probably laughs in the face of winter.The first, obvious reason for this is the very fine beard he’s got going on. The second, less obvious reason is his symmetrical bone structure and astonishingly attractive face. Devran Taskesen is like winter magic – TFP bets the ice and snow just… bends around him, you know? His beauty is a freakin’ force field. Look at it (if you can tear your eyes away from his superb eyebrows, that is):


Next, Eli Roth. No reason at all. Just spotted when scrolling aimlessly through Tumblr one day. It forced an involuntary “oh!” past TFP‘s lips, which is not as uncommon as you might think, but still worthy of note. Eli Roth is the guiltiest of crushes, but for his role in Inglourious Basterds, and his animated and delicious eyebrows, TFP is willing to look past the guilt and focus solely on the pleasure. Just… woof.


Richard Ayoade is very much TFP‘s jam. Handsome and smart and funny (and, not that TFP‘s mum is racist or anything, obvs, but pleasingly part-Nigerian), he’s a bit of a dreamboat. Don’t you just wanna lose your hands in his gorgeous hair?


Do you ever find yourself wondering about Javier Bardem? You know, his day-to-day routine, raising his and Penelope’s little one in Spain, and occasionally looking thoughtfully into the middle distance, absent-mindedly running his forefinger down the bridge of his marvellous nose (which is TFP catnip, as you well know)… No? Just TFP? Oh, okay. Um. Here he is:


We finish strongly, with French model Gael Nicolas, who you may remember from a previous edition. His silvery foxiness cannot be denied (even when fully clothed), and why would you want to? TFP would ride that train all the way home. In a manner of speaking.



Alright, clear off. See you next time for more casual perving, yeah. Have a great weekend and all that jazz.

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