File it under ‘B’… For ‘BAMF’


As I write this, I feel as light as a feather. Because this year, I finished filing my tax return over the course of three days. It’s a record for me. Sure, I still had time for an emotional cry, a couple of yelps of frustration at HMRC’s seemingly deliberate opacity when it comes to language, and a short interlude of maniacal laughter at a few of the questions. But still. THREE DAYS. There is only one thing I can attribute that to. It’s this bad boy:


Cabinet by Bisley, fancy paper courtesy Paperchase.

I am in love with my filing cabinet. I mean, I’ve always been pretty organised about certain things. I have bank statements that go back to 2005 (way before I was a proper freelancer i.e. way before it was strictly necessary), I check my receipts against statements every few months (no need, I just enjoy the ‘belt-and-braces’ approach to life) and I am unofficially the family’s Memory-Keeper – birthdays, anniversaries, all that jazz. But this filing cabinet has truly, finally allowed every single anal retentive urge in me to flower. No category is too small to warrant a file of its own, no letterhead too trivial to be saved and alphabetised. I am in organisational heaven. It is repetitive, calming and functional, giving the quiet contemplative peace of washing dishes, except my hands stay dry. I feel like I’m basically postponing therapy for, like, ten years.

Now, if only I could find a cure for my constant and persistent tardiness. IF ONLY.

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  1. A celebration of extreme filing!

    I have occasions concerns about my own tendencies for the ‘curation’ of my life gubbins, however I recognise superior forms of crazy when I see it.
    The sheet of super decorative Paperchase gift wrap sealed it.

    Oh and three days is admirable.
    Lady, I’m saluting here.

  2. This just makes my whole paper chase folder look pretty limp now. I am actually having filing cabinet envy! …therefore my hunt begins today!….#firstworldproblems

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