The Friday Pretty: Crushes of the Week

Walton 2

Hey kids – it’s FRIDAAAY! Here have this joy of a track, courtesy Santigold:

How’s your life? All good? Are you, like me, noting the way the sun is setting later and later? I made it to 5:30pm(!) before turning on the lights just a few days ago, and almost cracked open the champagne to celebrate. We are in the first week of February and winter is slowly – finally – leaving us behind. The best way to encourage it? Hunky dudes collected on one single internet page of manly glory. Did you see what just happened? Yup, I just casually and stealthily segued your asses into a nifty intro to the main event – it’s The Friday Pretty!

Let us begin with Tom Hardy, mostly because of his mouth, which is pretty and delicate and the complete opposite (but in the best possible way) of his lovely big arms. Er, that’s pretty much it. Oh, he has a lovely neck too. Okay, that’s really it. See for yourself:


Did any of you ever catch an episode of Bent? No worries if not – it was cancelled very early on despite an easy, charming chemistry between its leads Amanda Peet and this next guy, David Walton. He’s bounced back though, most recently playing Doctor Sam in Season 2 of sitcom New Girl (which is so good-and-only-getting-better it actually makes TFP cry a little). The AV Club described him as a “tall scruffy drink of water” and since that can’t be improved upon in any way, let’s just crack on with the photo, yes?

Walton 2

Another sitcom on TFP‘s radar is The Mindy Project starring Mindy Kaling, who is awesome, cute and also, winningly, brown. Listen, if you don’t roll with Mindy, you don’t roll with TFP. A key part of the show’s allure lies in Dr Danny Castellano, as played by Chris Messina. He’s so manly he makes TFP giggle for no damn reason. Is it his nose? His ability to rock all levels of facial fuzz? The seeming barely concealed rage? (nnngggh!) His kick-off-your-shoes accent? The way he kinda makes us think: Justin Long-in-15 years? TFP doesn’t know. But it is applying for research grants to help it work through various hypotheses. Um, what?


We end this week with Columbus Short. He. Is. FAHN. Have you seen him in Scandal, in his well cut suits and snazzy socks? Have you seen him get all firm (fnar) and in charge? Have you seen the flash of his white teeth against his smooth-as-butter brown skin? If not, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? Chile… Columbus Short is a beautiful man, and he can dance and TFP wants to spend all day doing Eskimo kisses with him because his nose is The Cutest. Lookit:


Okay, all done. Have a sip of calming chamomile tea and clear off. See you for more pervs and giggles next time!

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  1. Where have you been. I have been reading some articles but I had to stop to “recognise” Columbus. mmm mmmM MMMH. Amen!

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