The clothes that bind

Yaba dancers

Two times last week – in this, the coldest March in 50 years, apparently – I put on an iro and buba. Both times, as I tied the wrapper securely about my waist, it occurred to me that London, England, is no kind of place for an iro and buba. And when I struggled to fit […]

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Everyone has their thing

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Here’s a little something I had in the drafts of my Tumblr for the longest time. I finally finished it and clicked ‘publish’. It’s below the jump, giving you one last chance to turn and run, should you wish to hurt my feelings – OMG, why would you do that?

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Mini-me pop

Jessie Ware

Rediscovered Jessie Ware’s record earlier this week, and have been unable to stop playing my favourite track off it, Sweet Talk. It’s Sade 2.0, basically, and I AM HERE FOR IT. Inevitably, I went and watched the video again, and was charmed anew by its cuteness. Little Jessie, making all the faces of older Jessie, […]

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