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The Friday Pretty: Good, Pervy Friday Edition


It’s Good Friday! Or, for freelancers, another Friday, but one where the banks are closed. But no matter, because for all the things that a Friday can be, on this here blog, we are only ever concerned about one element: healthy, handsome hunks, hanging out hunkily. So. Pause the daytime Bank Holiday movie, put down […]

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The clothes that bind

Yaba dancers

Two times last week – in this, the coldest March in 50 years, apparently – I put on an iro and buba. Both times, as I tied the wrapper securely about my waist, it occurred to me that London, England, is no kind of place for an iro and buba. And when I struggled to fit […]

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Everyone has their thing

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Here’s a little something I had in the drafts of my Tumblr for the longest time. I finally finished it and clicked ‘publish’. It’s below the jump, giving you one last chance to turn and run, should you wish to hurt my feelings – OMG, why would you do that?

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The Friday Pretty: ‘Can We Catch A Break With The Weather?’ Edition

Echo Kellum

Listen. Nobody knows what the FRICK is going on with this weather in the UK at the moment. It’s sunny and bitterly cold. It’s snowing. It’s raining. It’s icy. It’s bloody mid-March, FFS! It’s enought to drive a person up the wall. Can we live, random weather fronts? CAN WE LIVE? Thankfully, today is also […]

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Mini-me pop

Jessie Ware

Rediscovered Jessie Ware’s record earlier this week, and have been unable to stop playing my favourite track off it, Sweet Talk. It’s Sade 2.0, basically, and I AM HERE FOR IT. Inevitably, I went and watched the video again, and was charmed anew by its cuteness. Little Jessie, making all the faces of older Jessie, […]

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The Friday Pretty: ‘We made it through February!’ Edition

Unknown Handsome Person

Every day, the greyness gets a little lighter. Every day, the daylight stretches further. Every single day, hope for sunnier days is re-ignited. Friends, we made it through February. We made it. Let us sink to our knees and cry brokenly with relief. Because today, MARCH 1st, is also a Friday. Let us celebrate the […]

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