The Friday Pretty: ‘We made it through February!’ Edition

Unknown Handsome Person

Every day, the greyness gets a little lighter.

Every day, the daylight stretches further.

Every single day, hope for sunnier days is re-ignited.

Friends, we made it through February. We made it. Let us sink to our knees and cry brokenly with relief. Because today, MARCH 1st, is also a Friday. Let us celebrate the slow build-up to spring, using all the tools at our disposal: hot dudes, looking smokin’ hot. Take a load off. Open up a can of something fizzy. Relax. It’s The Friday Pretty!

We are going to start this week’s edition with a proper corker. You ever see something so perfect, so… right, something that makes you say, like Westley in The Princess Bride, “Dear God, what is that?” TFP has. Behold our first contender. He just appeared, like a beautiful present, delivered via Tumblr dashboard on a cold February afternoon. Look at his eyes. Look at his lips. Look at his hair. Look at his skin. TAKE YOUR TIME TO TAKE IT ALL IN. Interestingly, he turned up with no name. Who is he? How did he come to be in our world? Will we ever know? *Beyonce at the beginning of Video Phone video voice* “Shorty, what your name is?” Anyway, he’s saved as ‘Unknown Handsome Person on TFP‘s computer, which is both true and succinct. Yo, UHP – congratulations on your face!

Unknown Handsome Person

Next, what are your thoughts about the Brothers Affleck? Does Casey freak you out a little? Yeah, TFP too. But Ben. Ben is a bit of a dreamboat, a dish. TFP doesn’t use those old-fashioned terms lightly – because there is something decidedly old-fashioned about Affleck’s looks. He is tall, broad-shouldered, lean. He has nice teeth, a charming smile that edges on rakish in the right light. He has dark hair, dark eyes. These are all Good Things. But Ben let this marinate for a while. He got older, made a few duds, popped out a few kids, settled into himself a bit more. And then he added a beard. And TFP was toast, because Affleck can rock the shit out of a beard. It is a straight up appeal to the lizard brain part of TFP‘s psyche. Affleck’s Argo beard has forced TFP to re-evaluate the potency of facial hair, especially when deployed in conjunction with denim, chambray, flannel and gentle 70s man-jewellery. Dammit all to hell, Affleck. Look at this bullshit:

Argo Mendez

We move swiftly on, directly into the arms of model Ibrahim Baaith, first seen on this here blog back in 2011. Like energy, lust is never lost – it is simply transferred to another host. And so we come full circle, almost two years to the day since our eyes first alighted upon the abs of Mr Baaith, we gaze upon his pleasing visage once again. This time he has a suit on, and a very jaunty* hat. Sir, welcome back. (*not a euphemism, sadly)



It’s been a good week for beards in TFP‘s world, so we’ll end this week’s short and sweet post with a chap sporting a stunner of one. He’s called Ricki Hall, and he is a model, and he makes a sub-section of straight mortal women do that unconscious shudder that they are wont to do when they spot something that’s really rather nice. Ricki has a lot of the Nice Things: beard, old-timey haircut, tattoos and he can really pull off a chunky jumper. He gets it, you guys:

ricki hall


Okay, we’re all done. Go boldly into March, fortified by the bounty you have witnessed today. Have a great weekend. Till next time, pervs!

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  1. LOL this had me cackling. You, m’dear, have such a way with words. I’ll take Mr UHP with a side of Ibrahim Baaith, thank you very much. They are FOINE. *fans self*

  2. i’m dying laughing because this is my friend’s boyfriend. his name is taj. he lives in hahhh-LEM (or harlem, for short)

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