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TV Anatomy: The Good Wife Season 2 Finale

will and al

I’m cribbing this from my Tumblr, so apologies if you already follow me on there and are getting this twice. I’ve made no secret about how much I love the television drama, The Good Wife: I have written about it a few times for the guardian, and earlier this year, I interviewed Archie Panjabi, who plays […]

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10 Things I Hate About You: 15 years and 6,000 words

10 things poster

So, listen. January’s hysterical descent into nostalgia and the depths of unedited self-publishing proved ridiculously, astonishingly popular. This is not false ‘third encore’ modesty. Obviously I believe every keystroke of mine is prize-winning, but I was so pleased and surprised that so many people liked that (half-dissertation length) piece! Seriously, thank you for reading the recap […]

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On Keeping Diaries

I used to keep a diary, in which I wrote every day. It wasn’t what my American friends call a ‘journal’ – I did not write out my dreams or hopes (in any structured way) or amateurish poetry or prose – but an old-fashioned ‘here is what I did today’ diary. I’ve been writing since […]

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I Will Do Anything For Cash (But I Won’t Do That)

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

It might not be pertinent, but I feel like it might be: I started writing this post last August, a week or two after finishing a lovely, longish stint of work at a newspaper. Clearly the euphoria of working in jam-stained pajamas again got to me, because I went on to not finish it for […]

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Being Mary Jane, or onscreen black girls


A few weeks ago, I was very kindly invited by the good people at BET to a screening of their new original drama, Being Mary Jane, starring the talented and ageless Gabrielle Union. After nibbles and drinks in one of the bars in the Soho Hotel, we settled into one of the screening rooms to […]

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She’s All That: 15 years and 5,000 words

SAL Poster

I first watched She’s All That back in 1999, at the Stratford Picturehouse some weekend after school. I remember loving it, because it hit all the spots it was supposed to: boy and girl got to have each other at the end, and bad guy kind of got his comeuppance, which is as it should […]

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On desire, expressed

kw bite

Most Fridays for the last nine-ish months, I have been putting together a list of things I like, and posting them on Twitter. With trademark wit, the list is called “#Bims10Things” and I am delighted by the number of people who are genuinely into the things I share. The formula is not set, but includes […]

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On hope, and a new year

Earlier this week, back in the old year, I tweeted about how full the gyms would be in the next couple of weeks. I joked about sitting at home, caressing a gut (nicknamed Ira) and laughing. I didn’t mean to downplay the relative importance of fitness or imply that those in possession of a sizeable […]

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Bim Does Berlin: The Sedaris Temptation

If you are a writer, and one day find yourself in a classroom with other adults, learning a foreign language, you will not be able to help yourself. You will inevitably—joylessly, even—start to narrate the activities happening around you in the voice of David Sedaris. It will sneak up on you, this tendency, until you are […]

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Bim Does Berlin: We Need To Talk About Berlin III

Berlin hustles

At this stage in the game, the jig is almost up. I can practically smell London, and I’ve already begun to regain the ability to say ‘sorry’ to inanimate objects. This all means one thing: I’m running out of Berlin road. In a mere two weeks, I will be back in London, eating my mum’s […]

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Bim Does Berlin: Food, Glorious German Food!


Like dreams, food—the description and study of—is only interesting to the person it directly concerns. When you start the analysis of something that literally no one wants to hear, look closely into the eyes of the person you’re talking to. There, clear as day, will be the manifestation of the internet acronym “TL;DR”. No one […]

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Bim Does Berlin: Berlin’s Bodacious Babes


On the way to brunch in Prenzlauer Berg, I sat opposite a drowsy young man in maroon jeans and brown suede boots. He had on a fisherman’s chunky sweater, not dissimilar to the type Jim Carrey wore in The Truman Show, with a short black coat.. His hair was brown and curly/wavy/messy, what the lazier […]

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On ‘surprises’ and paying attention

The (beautiful) cast of The Best Man Holiday (2013)

Last week, I saw a tweet in which the author was marvelling at having spotted the term ‘twerking’ in a song all the way back from 2006. I think the tweet ended on an exclamation point – it was perhaps a jokey way of saying, “Hey! Pop culture, eh? Undiscovered layers like an onion.” Even […]

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Bim Does Berlin: On naming conventions, briefly

An admittedly unimaginative station name

Travelling to German class one day, I go through Weinmeisterstraße station on the U8 line of the U-Bahn. I think Weinmeisterstraße might be my favouritely named station (there’s some history on the station, which was a ‘Geisterbanhof‘ during the Berlin Wall years).

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Bim Does Berlin: We Need To Talk About Berlin II

My first Berlin purchase: fur-lined trainers, which I wear to stomp on boys' hearts, or when ignoring people who need to get off the train first

Okay, it’s been considerably longer than a few days of living in Berlin. Here are a few more thoughts. 1. Smoking. I’ve been to Paris a couple of times, and both times, was overwhelmed by the smoking. Parisians do not dick around with their fags. They will smoke everywhere they can, and I thought they […]

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