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On lateness, and priorities


Hey, blog-friends. How’s tricks? It’s just over a month since I was last on these pages, and I can only apologise. What caused this unplanned hiatus? Nothing special, not really. I’ve had a lot of work (paid-for, demanding) on, plus I’ve tried to be a more social creature, trying to touch other 3-D human beings […]

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Four years deep

obama 2

This month marks four years of writing and posting stuff at Yoruba Girl Dancing. Much to the happiness of my ego, you have read these entries, following from that initial URL to this swanky ‘proper’ site. Some of you are regulars (hi!), some wander in by accident, via Google Images, or one of the places […]

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Is it too late to wish you all a Happy New Year? It is? Well, hard cheese. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Gettin’ In The Way…

No two ways about it, I’ve been pretty terrible about posting this past month. No Friday Pretty, no random side-eye London encounter, no essays, nothing. What can I say? Life got in the way. A snapshot of that life below: In summary: shoes! lots of nail varnish, a bit of ankle as the weather turned […]

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A Note On Output

After the Commonwealth Lecture given by Chimamnda Ngozi Adichie at the Guildhall a couple of weeks back that I was introduced to someone. “We were just speaking about you,” said the person making the introduction, as she tapped another woman on the shoulder. The woman turned to me. “You’re funny!” she said. “When are you going […]

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Presented Without Comment…

…well, no comment except this:

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Hey Ya!

Is it too late to wish people a happy new year? Tough. HAPPY NEW YEAR, READERS! (here, have some Matt Bomer looking into the future, dreamily.) Listen, there was a bit of a kerfuffle in the media at the beginning of the year, and that meant I was less able to perform my blogging duties. […]

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At Year End, A Look Back

Everything happened this year. Revolutions, riots, dictator deaths, economic crises, royal weddings, the release of Captain America, featuring Chris Evans’ giant pecs, Kelly Rowland and a selection of wigs appeared on a painfully mediocre X-Factor, , a fictional Prime Minister boffed a pig, and I cut off all my hair… I could go on, but […]

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Side Project – Alternative Black History Month Facts

Hey guys! For the month of October, my friend @RubyA_79 and I are running a small side project called Alternative Black History Month Facts. It’s a Tumblr blog, and we’d appreciate it if you followed us on there. Some of you who follow on Twitter will already be aware of the blog, as well as […]

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I’m Baaaack!

Come to Mama, my lovelies! “But YorubaGirl!” you cry. “What have you been doing all this time?” Look, readers. I don’t like to blow my own trumpet, but perhaps you heard about the closing of a little newspaper called the News of the World? Yeah – I had nothing to do with that. *taps nose* […]

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Hey, Remember What Rachel Said To Ross?

You’ve all no doubt noted my increasingly erratic schedule when it comes to posting on Yoruba Girl Dancing. Remember when I used to post three or four times a week? Yeah, me neither. I can only apologise and ask that you forgive me. Things have become quite hectic work-wise (as my various work plugs will […]

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The YGD Book Club: The Namesake

Last month’s book (see here) was read by just three of us, and this was mostly down to access. I got emails well into March from would-be readers who could not afford to buy the book new, and were unable to get copies from local libraries or online swap shops. I hadn’t realised it would […]

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Yoruba Girl Dancing Book Club Review: Coconut Unlimited

Coconut Unlimited was recommended by George, who you may remember from February’s book club discussion about Something Borrowed. I had a good feeling when I saw the book for the first time (that’s right, I totally judged a book by it’s cover). I mean, look at it: it looks so jaunty, looks to be filled […]

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The YGD Book Club: Coconut Unlimited

Hello again. Apologies for the lateness of this month’s YGD Book Club selection. You can blame, variously, Virgin Media, a busy work schedule and terrible insomnia. Whatever reason you alight on [VIRGIN!] the important thing is that March’s selection is finally here – Huzzah!

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Yoruba Girl Dancing Book Club Review: Something Borrowed (Part II)

Hello again! This is Part II of the Yoruba Girl Dancing Book Club review of Something Borrowed. You’ll find Part I here. As stated in Part I, we’ve taken our questions from the book’s publisher. Our readers this month are George, Nikky, Eleanor, Ronke, Naps and Tamara. And then there’s me (Bim), of course. Some […]

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