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The clothes that bind

Yaba dancers

Two times last week – in this, the coldest March in 50 years, apparently – I put on an iro and buba. Both times, as I tied the wrapper securely about my waist, it occurred to me that London, England, is no kind of place for an iro and buba. And when I struggled to fit […]

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Cokes and Fantas

Last week, someone retweeted some ridiculousness into my Twitter feed. No need for me to set it up, take a look at the nonsense: THIS CAN’T BE LIFE.

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Quote of the Day

“I am reluctant to confirm any suspicion that I am a knuckle-dragging, white, male, heterosexual, racist, middle-class, middle-aged, cosmopolitan retard, but the thing about Naomi Campbell is sex. Campbell has a feral air: she excites prehistoric fears in our reptilian back brains. Her amusing history of violence enhances the sense of danger which underwrites speculative […]

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Black Fridays: We’re Still Using ‘Jungle Fever’? Really?

It’s Friday, I’m Black – it’s Black Friday! First things first – sincere apologies for the brevity of this post, but I am in the process of moving house. My mind seems to have been packed with the rest of my belongings – I have a feeling it’s nestling somewhere between the DVDs and books… […]

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YGD Public Service Announcement: A Call For A Moratorium On The Term ‘Real Women

The first thing I saw on Twitter on Tuesday morning was a link to a post by Janet Street Porter. The pullquote read: “The fashion world refuses to make clothes to fit real women. Enough is enough.” OK, I thought, I can get behind this. Or I would’ve thought that, if not for the inclusion […]

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The Great Cape Caper of Early 2010

Remember when I acquired a couple of capes at the recent Angels Costumiers sale? I’m so fashion-forward, sometimes, I astound myself. Look here and here, Stella McCartney wore one only a few weeks ago - capes are all the rage for A/W 2010. Yeah, I wore one to work recently. I felt like I was on America’s […]

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In Which YorubaGirl Flies With Angels

My sainted mother, YorubaMum, is a hardcore bargain hunter. You know what I mean; like John Lewis, she too has a slogan: Never knowingly overpaid. One of the recurring memories of my child- and teen-hood involves her returning from some sale somewhere and asking YorubaDad to “go on, guess how much it cost? Go on, guess!” Poor YorubaDad […]

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Why I Love… Dresses

Like many children of the 80s and 90s, I grew up in hardy denim and flannel, saving dresses (usually in too-warm velvet, rustly tafetta and itchy chiffon) for family weddings, birthdays, engagements, naming ceremonies, pretty much any gathering of more than 4 people… (ah, Nigerians!). So of course, I hated dresses, and all that they stood […]

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Cath & Me

This week, I have mostly been smelling fragrantly of jasmine & vanilla, as well as being in possession of the snuggest, warmest fingers in London. How? Well, remember my recent birthday? Well my friend KD of Glorious South London™ gifted me with some vouchers; but not just any vouchers, oh no. Gift vouchers from Cath Kidston! Unfamiliar with her work? I […]

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Time For A Younger Brother…

Growing up with a Yoruba Nigerian mother means I’ve been privy to a great number of awesome axioms, mad metaphors and splendid sayings. There are a few greats – I was startled when I first heard someone say: “The thing that killed your brother is warning you” a not-so-veiled plea to someone to curb their excesses. For […]

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Why I Love… Socks

Of all the exciting things I could be declaring my love for – unicorns! Fire! KNIVES! – I have chosen socks. Comfy, boring, ideal-Christmas-present-for-the-near-dead and completely useful socks. I am probably the only person I know who loves receiving socks for her birthday. I stand by my decision though, because even boring items of clothing […]

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Why I Love… Red Shoes

Before you ask, I don’t like The Wizard of Oz much. I didn’t find it a magical, transformative childhood event, the way so many people seemed to. But I do remember thinking that Dorothy’s glittery red pumps were the bee’s knees. With a slightly more adult palate, I discovered the subtle layers that underpin the film, and still […]

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In Which My 'Wit' is Rendered Redundant

I was at my hairdresser’s the other week for a retouch appointment. That’s right, I gave in to the relaxer ‘cult’ as a child dammit, and so any longer than nine weeks between treaments and my hair starts to feel insecure. This manifests itself as bad behaviour i.e. disregarding my every request and sitting petulantly in […]

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Black Fridays: Black It Up! But Not Too Much, Y'Hear?

The poem goes that Friday’s Child is loving and giving, and I don’t know about you, but I tend to follow the arbitrary rules laid out in childhood rhymes. In that vein, Happy Friday, kids! Welcome to yet another edition of Black Fridays, tagline: cos the week ain’t Black enough! The Black Gods (if you don’t know about […]

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Tall Enough?

I often spend hours procrastinating mindlessly on the Internet. It’s a bad habit that I generally excuse away, saying that it somehow relates to my job as a writer. In reality, it’s because I’m easily distracted, and like looking at pretty things. But it’s not all bad. From re-discovering obscure cartoons from my youth (this […]

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