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Getting to ‘carefree’ – it takes work

Our Holy Solange - Carefree Black Girl patron saint

Earlier this year, I was talking with a friend who is a writer about something she was working on, something which is a labour of real and deep love. You don’t need to know anything at this point other than its lead is a black girl and as always, I am here for black girls, […]

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Unsolicited Book Report: Rowell and Jones

ss jones

Let me tell you about a couple of books I read recently. The first was Attachments, by Rainbow Rowell. She’s an author very new to me, though she’s been plugging away for a while now. I read another book of hers, Eleanor and Park, after seeing a couple of lovestruck tweets about it. It’s a […]

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An Almost-Meet-Cute In 15 Tweets

Tweet 1

On Sunday night, I went to see author Taiye Selasi read from and talk about her new novel, Ghana Must Go. She was ace – witty and warm. Also she’s a stone fox, with the deep brown complexion and cheekbones of a goddess. I got to ask a question (yeah!), and she smiled at me […]

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Girls In White Dresses (or a quick note on many of the post-college/uni novels I have read)

I just finished Girls In White Dresses. It could easily have been called ‘White Girls In White Dresses’ or even ‘Lena Dunham’s White Girls’ or ‘HBO’s White Girls In Dresses’… I think you get the point here.

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The First Kiss

This weekend, I came to a stunning realisation: I’ve watched You’ve Got Mail many more times than I’ve seen When Harry Met Sally. Man, I even saw it box fresh at the Stratford Picturehouse back in 1998. What can I say – I used to have a disposable income unattacked by council tax and the […]

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Kids’ Characters All Grown Up

I’ve been reading Bridge to Terabithia, as sent to me in the mail by my friend A (she of the glorious coconut cupcake recipe). She loves the lead character Jesse, you see. Here’s a little piece I wrote back in April about our favourite children’s characters all grown up. Unfortunately, it was spiked (it was […]

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Why I Love… Libraries

It really is this simple: I cannot imagine my life as it is today without libraries. I joined my first library at the age of 4 – when we were doing a massive clearout some time in 2001, we discovered an unreturned library book (sorry!) from 1987. Civic irresponsibility aside, it was one of my […]

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The YGD Book Club: The Namesake

Last month’s book (see here) was read by just three of us, and this was mostly down to access. I got emails well into March from would-be readers who could not afford to buy the book new, and were unable to get copies from local libraries or online swap shops. I hadn’t realised it would […]

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Yoruba Girl Dancing Book Club Review: Coconut Unlimited

Coconut Unlimited was recommended by George, who you may remember from February’s book club discussion about Something Borrowed. I had a good feeling when I saw the book for the first time (that’s right, I totally judged a book by it’s cover). I mean, look at it: it looks so jaunty, looks to be filled […]

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The YGD Book Club: Coconut Unlimited

Hello again. Apologies for the lateness of this month’s YGD Book Club selection. You can blame, variously, Virgin Media, a busy work schedule and terrible insomnia. Whatever reason you alight on [VIRGIN!] the important thing is that March’s selection is finally here – Huzzah!

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Yoruba Girl Dancing Book Club Review: Something Borrowed (Part II)

Hello again! This is Part II of the Yoruba Girl Dancing Book Club review of Something Borrowed. You’ll find Part I here. As stated in Part I, we’ve taken our questions from the book’s publisher. Our readers this month are George, Nikky, Eleanor, Ronke, Naps and Tamara. And then there’s me (Bim), of course. Some […]

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Yoruba Girl Dancing Book Club Review: Something Borrowed (Part I)

The choice of Something Borrowed for the inaugural YGD Book Club was met with gratifying enthusiasm. Thirteen people registered interest when we began reading and while we lost bodies to illness, heavy workloads and general busyness, we made it to the end of the month with a healthy and respectable six partcipants. I hope you’ll […]

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The YGD Book Club: Something Borrowed

Last week’s post about the new YGD Book Club was greeted with a good number of comments and emails – you guys want this! I’m so pleased. And so, this is the first proper Book Club post. Are you excited? I am! The book I’ve chosen for the inaugural book club came out in 2004, […]

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Introducing… The YGD Book Club!

Hello, everyone! Do you like books? Do you enjoy licking your finger to turn the pages and smelling the paper and breaking the spine? Do you skip to the end or do you like to savour every word, perhaps a little notebook by your side so you can take notes? Do you like to talk […]

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The Populist

Around this time last year, I noticed that Love Actually, aka Notting Hill With Added Black People! was a trending topic on Twitter. I’d seen that it was showing on ITV1 that evening, so of course, I clicked the hashtag to see what people were saying about it. Somehow this innocuous little movie manages to divide people as if it […]

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