10 Things I Hate About You: 15 years and 6,000 words

So, listen. January’s hysterical descent into nostalgia and the depths of unedited self-publishing proved ridiculously, astonishingly popular. This is not false ‘third encore’ modesty. Obviously I believe every keystroke of mine is prize-winning, but I was so pleased and surprised that so many people liked that (half-dissertation length) piece! Seriously, thank you for reading the recap […]

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The First Kiss

This weekend, I came to a stunning realisation: I’ve watched You’ve Got Mail many more times than I’ve seen When Harry Met Sally. Man, I even saw it box fresh at the Stratford Picturehouse back in 1998. What can I say – I used to have a disposable income unattacked by council tax and the […]

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Oh, hell no!*

*I want you all to imagine that in the sharp tones of authoress Ms Maya Wilkes (played by actress Golden Brooks in much-missed sitcom Girlfriends) Tuesday afternoon’s rain brought with it a thick fug of wild rumours of the demise of the relationship between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett. (And of course, the firm assurances […]

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Star Homes

I’ve been feathering my nest since I moved in last August (one year anniversary in a couple of weeks – yay!). A gorgeous print from Neil Leonard here, (buy one!), a lovely vintage lamp over there. A well-loved red armchair, a garland of red flowers above my bed, some coloured tea-light holders and a feminist […]

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RIP Elizabeth Taylor: Badass

My first ‘scent’ as a child (my mum indulged us, yes) was Charlie, a cheap red can of sickly sweet perfume. But then, when the time came to leave home and go to boarding school, I received my first proper eau de toilette, and it was Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds. It was quite possibly the […]

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The Populist

Around this time last year, I noticed that Love Actually, aka Notting Hill With Added Black People! was a trending topic on Twitter. I’d seen that it was showing on ITV1 that evening, so of course, I clicked the hashtag to see what people were saying about it. Somehow this innocuous little movie manages to divide people as if it […]

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Virgin Territory

After a lifetime of taking my life lessons from the big screen, I’ve learned that losing your virginity is fun. On the metaphorical journey of losing one’s innocence, you get to bond with your friends, perhaps even go on a road trip. A lot of the time ‘crazy’ misunderstandings happen, leaving you in embarrassing situations, […]

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Just Wright

Carrying on with the Week Of Brown People Entertainment™… d’you remember when I wrote (all the way back in April) about black romcom queens? Remember, it got into The Guardian? Well, on Tuesday evening, I went to see Just Wright, the movie I wrote about in that post. It made it across the atlantic only five months late! We’re […]

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I am very excited to be seeing Inception in less than two weeks. It’s by Christopher Nolan, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio (my 14-year-old self was RIGHT to crush on him!), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (wheee!) and Ellen Page (girl-crush!). Plus, like, a million other awesome people. I have knowingly shied away from reading/watching/listening to anything that might […]

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The Truth About Cats And Dogs – A Life Lesson

Bored at the weekend, and with a little cash burning a hole in my pocket, I revisited my Amazon.com wishlist. I tend to put things on in fits of activity – lots of childhood favourites like Enid Blyton and all sorts of 90s RnB – and then remove them at leisure when common sense prevails. […]

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