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The Friday Pretty: Football Edition

Spain Training Session

FRIDAY, WOO! Long week? Still recovering from the loss of the Olympics? Well, there are two things to brighten things up your sad post-Games face. First, never fear – the Paralympics are almost here! Secondly, the football season’s back tomorrow! Also, in our increasingly secular age, I am pleased to be able to extend you a […]

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Friends of Exes: Would You? Could You?

A couple of days ago on Twitter, I clicked a link which took me to the Daily Mail site – boo! hiss! – and specifically a ‘showbiz’ story about professional Pretty Person™ Kelly Brook and her newest beau (only the Mail uses the word ‘beau’, much like The Sun uses ‘love rat’). This guy’s name’s […]

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The Cutting Edge

  This is the reason I love the Winter Olympics.

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